Nothing to rant on!!

I drew some stuff on my tablet yesterday. It may have been because of the lack of practice all this while that I failed to complete a decent drawing in one whole day, or it may be something else. Distraction, maybe? 

Eitherway, I did finish one artwork. But I ain't uploading it cause I currently do not have it with me. 

Am chillin' in the campus library. =P

Le minion is still sleeping as I type this. It's freaking 1.30pm. Well, serves him right for sleeping so late last night though. 

Seriously now, without much happening around me I have nothing decent to blog about either. So I'll just give a recap of interesting happenings these days.

Uh. I went out with minion for lunch and he brought me and some other friends to a pet shop and then to this snooker place (omg he plays quite well am so proud of you mah minion) and then back to the college where he stayed till around 4pm ++.

Hostel mates and some other course mates that went to the Desaru trip early in the morning arrived back at the campus around noon because of the rainy weather and basically there simply was nothing much to do there. Was happy to meet those humans though. I mean, yay. Other humans!

There's a huge book fair in KL commencing on the 6th of December right on till the 15th of December WHERE THE BOOK FAIR IS OPEN FOR 24 HOURS. I have saved my money for this and I shall treat myself to maybe 20 books or more. I do have more time to read now and I would at least be able to bring maybe 3 novels a month when I go to KL to study next year. 


Ah yes, it seems pretty certain now that I'll be studying there next year. The exam results for this course will be out by the 4th of December and by then I would have completed my studies here with no strings attached. It's the fees of the next college that concerns me though. I really am hoping that I would be able to get the scholarships and then study there without much monetary problems on my parents' behalf.

Monetary problems. Hopefully they can be solved by my working salary for the next few months in the designing company. :3 I'll be taking my driving license soon, and if I get a car, there would also be less problems in contacting le minion. 

Uh, really now. Until I have more interesting stuff to rant about (THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO NOW BUT I AIN'T BORED because I spend my days reading comics and drawing and 9gagging) I will not post much, I suppose. I think I'll post more soon, what with the days of being home creeping closer and closer.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. =P

Nicki Sim

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