Minions, MINIONS.

By now I have packed up everything except for what that I'll be wearing and using till tomorrow. And I have went to that job briefing thing, where it was settled that I will be doing research to earn my salary.
What kind of research? Let's say that this guy wants to open a boutique. I'll research on the current trends, types of clothes for males and females, fabric materials, the packaging of the clothes and the appropriate shop display. Then I hand my research findings to my employer. 

Having done something similar for my college lab reports, this can at least be done since I know nothing about building design. The least I can do is to find out more info before my employer starts drafting his floor plans and so forth.

I have begun researching for my first assignment, which topic I would not disclose here.

Meanwhile, Minion visited around 11pm just now and gave me a huge minion he won from Legoland. And I'm not kidding about it being huge. It would have cost quite a huge sum of money if bought from any outlets but to win it is quite something else. I. Am. Happy. like, Happy with a capital 'H'. ... No, not really. It's more like 'I am HAPPY'. Like, ULTRA-HAPPY. Cloud-9 happy.

Having spent the day at Legoland, le Minion and his two bros won themselves a minion each. They actually waited for the station workers' shift to change so that they can each bring back a minion.

So yeah. Three dudes, three minions.

And mai minion gave his to me. 

Before he arrived he DID tell me not to be too surprised and I had not suspected much. If anything, I thought he was going to pull some pranks on me. But turns out it was a very pleasant surprise which I can bring home and even strap to the seat next to mine when I finally have a car.

Venue: Legoland, Johor, Malaysia.
Event: Le 3 dudes won minions.
Bromance power much?

Told you le Minion is huge, didn't I?

And Imma bring it to bed with me so that I can make you jealous.

A Minion from a minion. Yes. "For you to remember me by" was just about what he said to me. Well, we don't know when we might meet again, although yes, both of us live in  the same state and can probably meet  up as long as we both drive. His place is approximately an hour and a half's (maybe more or less, depending on the speed with which you drive) drive away from mine though.

And its not like I can just ask my dad to bring me to his place or to somewhere near where he is whenever I want.

There IS a best case scenario, which makes our outings possibly more frequent. My employer has two offices, one in a mall quite a distance from where we both live, and one which is just in the area where le minion lives. Like, he can possibly drive just 5 to 10 minutes tops and he'd arrive at my workplace.

Introducing: Dave the Minion and
Dave the Minion.
*Crosses fingers*

To mark the LAST day of me staying in the hostel here, I have been out with minion and his other two friends at a food stall nearby for supper till 12.30a.m.. Which is past the 'curfew hours' of the college and hostel, so to speak. But I was let off because I have not done this before and I am leaving the very next day. 

Currently waiting for le minion to send me some pictures so I can upload them on this post. 

Ah just received them. Had them uploaded.

Let today mark le day as well that I told him I love him in person for the first time. Or told him at all, actually. I have only said it to him through Facebook and never anywhere else. Too shy, I reckon. 

I can now spend the next 10 months figuring out and preparing his birthday present next year and with some luck, maybe our 1st year anniversary gift as well. 

1st year anniversary though. To give out a present on my own birthday... hmmm. Sounds pretty awesome. :3

Either way, today has been a good day indeed. A very good day.

Hopefully I'll get to meet le minion again soon~!! >w< Uh, the real minion. ... As in, My minion. the living one. Yeah. 

Thanks once more for this really awesome gift, mai minion~!!!

Nicki Sim

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