Reminders to Myself

There may be times in life when you want to give up,
hide into your shell and never come out
but look around you and you will find
experiences that ensure
you shall be fine.

There may be times when you believe
Friends, family and love
shan't be relished
Look at the pictures and memories captured
and remember
They're what that really mattered.

There may be times when you care no more
thinking that everything is just a bore
then look again
this time at your dreams
a reminder that things aren't as hard as they seem.

There may be times when you well up and cry
bracing yourself to just die
Stop looking around
reach out this time
to those who you found
worthy of your "Je' t'aime".

This time let there be no rhyme
just remember how health can decline
take care of yourself,
sleep and dine
But most of all, keep in mind
stay sane and you'll be just fine.

Nicki Sim

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