Singapore Trip - Tired but Happy!

6th of November marks the end of my finals as I finish my last paper which is Biology. The realization of that fact struck me suddenly, several times, while I was in Singapore about 2 hours or so afterwards.

Yes, I went to Singapore after having my lunch, after the finals. With le minion, and another couple. Double-dating after being a couple for 3 days like a boss.

I'm still a little shocked by the fact that my mum agreed to let me go to Singapore with my friends and without any adult supervision.


So yeah.

Around 11a.m. we went for lunch (brunch?) and parked somewhere we know we're going to regret for before boarding a bus to the customs and then Singapore. 

We first went to Bugis Street and then Bugis Junction, where we fussed over the prices of clothes and food like

"Damn this is cheap I mean OMG $9 Buy this lah!"
"But if convert to RM currency - "
"Shhhh Don't convert. Don't. You will not be able to buy a thing if you do so."
"But -"

Zynn and I
Well it was more fun being in the mall later after all that walking around and sweating all over because of the heat. The Mall. THE MALL. AIR-COND.

Let's just say at that very mall le other girl Zynn and I found out how guys felt when we girls window-shop. The guys were musing over sports shoes and branded items that they can in no way afford, and after they are done with it,

they leave the shop.

and enter the next shop, musing over branded briefs.

Ah yes the two guys talked about cars a lot on the way too, so we two girls, maybe more to me cause I seriously do not know cars at all, are just sorta sitting there like, "So. There's hybrid cars.  Hybrid by biological definition is the result of mating between two species. I think. So a hybrid car..."

That's the relationship between me and cars.

:dope: Le minion and Zhi Xuan
Well uh, there's food involved of course. In fact, I bought some at the Bugis street as did the other three people. And we had McChicken meals for lunch (is it considered dinner by then??). Le minion insisted that the Coke in Singapore tasted better than it does in Malaysia. I have no idea then, since I for one rarely drink stuff like that. I'm more of a fan of coffee and plain water =P

Managed to take a few dopey pictures of le Minion and one of his brothers. He somehow did not notice, so he claims, that I took the picture at the left here.

Dope. So dopey.

Oh well. At least there's FOOD. Which is good enough. Minion eats a lot. (A very big pro instead of a con here because I don't usually finish my meals. As hungry as I claim I am, I don't eat a lot.)

Starting a new 'trend'? Pa pa zou (趴趴走)!
Anyway, by evening we planned to just visit Universal Studio Singapore and take a photo with that famous spinning globe-thing. After asking around, we decided to head there through a shopping mall. Vivo, I think.

We made a few wrong turns and thus walked extra miles before we finally reached something called... a boardwalk?? I think that's the word. A boardwalk leading to USS. Let's just say we were all grateful for the presence of le walkalators. Zynn and I basically just sat there waiting for the walkalator to bring us forward a few metres. By this time our legs were so sore and we were so tired from all the walking from place to place.

And as shown in the picture to the left here, it's the new trend we are possibly starting. There's this phrase called 趴趴走, which when directly translated might mean 'crouch-walking', that le Minion urged to try out and have a picture taken then shared with his other brothers.

As you can see, he did it after all.

One thing we noticed while walking there, well... Singapore malls and MRTs and the way to USS itself seems to be spots for couples. Along the way we have seen quite a number of couples just hugging, lying in each other's arms, and at one point, even kissing. There was a couple we saw kissing on an elevator in a freaking mall. So open. Such romance. Much public. Wow.

But yes, the scenery there is really breathtaking if you ask me. All the colourful lights and buildings across a stretch of water seen from afar, I won't mind just sitting at the floor there just looking at them and chatting and taking pictures and whatnot. But then, we had a destination to go to, and so we walked on.

The signboard that lined the walkway did a countdown from about 500 meters, and 500m by logic is really not that much of a distance, but maybe it's because we have been walking quite a lot before that that it seems really far for us (at least le girls from le 4 of us).

My favourite picture, this one. :3
No regrets upon reaching USS though. Although it was already night time and we needed extra light to take picture ("No flashlight from phones", the guys said. "It's better to have someone shine the light on us and have the picture taken like that instead. It's nicer", they said), it was awesome to finally have a picture of us taken where so many of my friends have went before.

If I'm not mistaken, only one among our group had actually went in USS to play before. In fact, for all of us it was the first time that we got to go to Singapore with a bunch of friends for a whole day like this, so this trip itself was pretty special.

Then we were told by someone working there that there would be a 'performance' thing by le robotic cranes. This said thing is on the stretch of water mentioned beforehand, and one of us, Zhi Xuan, managed to record the whole performance. It was beautiful, and none of us had seen anything like it before. With the water acting as wings for the cranes and the colours of the cranes changing PLUS the storyline depicted in the crane dance, the whole performance was a very big WOW with full capital letters.
Blue and pink~!!

I am not sure as to if Zhi Xuan would be uploading the video anytime soon, but here's a photo that the minion took for this performance. This got to be one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole performance as the 'cranes' spread their water wings and appear to be flapping them. Oh the colours and all that water it makes me wonder how technology works. The scientific explanation. The mechanics. SO AWESOME. I mean, they even have waterproof screens as their 'bodies', those cranes. HOW. Either way, hereby attached is a video of the performance uploaded by other youtube users.

You can also choose to google "Universal Studio Sungapore Crane Dance" for better quality videos.

After the performance we decided that it's high time we head home. By then, it was already about 9.30pm. To be out that late, let's just say I'm puzzled my mum did not call to ask me when would I be home.

But well, we were also worried that we would not be able to catch the last bus home. So it's said that the last bus would depart around midnight but it's safer to board the 11pm bus. Thank God however that there's a free ride from USs back to the Vivo mall where we were able to board the MRT down several stations before we boarded a bus back to the custom and to Johor, Malaysia. Boy, by then I was already so exhausted that I fell asleep STANDING in the MRT and when I walked down from the bus my legs gave away and I would have fallen had Minion not caught me.
Damn, that sounds so much like something from a very cliche mushy movie. But that's what that happened though.

So. By the time we reached the parking lot where le car was parked earlier, it was already midnight. As we had traveled from one end of Singapore to another, it took quite a while for us to reach Woodlands, where we first started. Not much left to write about hereafter, except that Minion fetched me home and I saw his mum when we stopped at his house (HE HAS DOGZ OHMAIGAWD <3 ) and there's 17 missed calls on my phone because my phone somehow had no service once I entered Singapore.

No worries, I informed my parents about the network error and they knew. My dad was waiting for me at the hostel to fetch me home as it's kind of late - I can actually stay at the hostel still, I wonder what compelled him to come over. Only around 1am did I reach home.

From 11am to 1am, you can say that we are all exhausted. Even the guys who initially boasted about how they aren't tired even when us girls are starting to complain about sore legs were exhausted. 

My thoughts on this whole trip?

What a double date. What a date. What a trip. I don't think I'll be this exhausted for a trip in quite a while now. Yes, the trip was really tiring but the fun we had can never be explained in words alone. 

To the minion reading this, hopefully I have depicted the date well enough in words and I love ya, you idiot. :3 Thanks for all the hugs~!! 

Nicki Sim

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