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There's this thing about being me. I can suddenly feel high and happy and just, well, excited about stuff for NO APPARENT REASONS for like half an hour or so before I sink into an unfathomable sadness and stress. For the same reason: No reasons.

I won't know why this happens, or if anything actually made me upset. Most of the time, nothing bothered me and the hormones in me just decides to make me feel that way. 

It happened last night, around 8pm maybe. And minion was there, watching the TV but replying to my messages nonetheless.

I was just doing my assignment then, and at that precise moment that high feeling I was experiencing turned into this weird despair and sadness. At some point in the conversation with le minion at Fb, I just stopped replying because I didn't know what to say and really, I just didn't feel like doing anything anymore.

This isn't even PMS. My PMS phase was over for the month. ==

But yeah, after several minutes of not replying his message (Usually I reply immediately upon receiving HIS reply lol) he called.

Well what's the worst that can happen? About two weeks into our relationship I actually cried into the phone when talking to him. (Contained all the unknown feels within half a minute and stopped crying OMO CAUSE I AM STRONG AND STRONG TURTLES DO NOT CRY)

Bad move though, because he got more worried. His friend asked him to go out for a drink and all, and my hormones and brain told me like, "Yeah, it's time to cry baybeh ruin the night for him."

arigatou, mah minion.
So he stayed on the phone for like, what, 30 minutes, trying to get me to log off my laptop and get into bed and simply go to sleep. He actually planned not to hang up until he was sure I was asleep but no I cannot fall asleep with a phone at my ear so I had to convince him that I was alright and that he should really hang up already.

Maybe it's just having him there talking to me or something, but I honestly felt alright nearing the end of the call. Like, dayum, when was the last time someone cared for me to that extent? I aint really sure how to express my feelings for this but I just wanna let le minion know that I really am grateful for his care for me.

After sleeping I was totally alright again (stupid hormonez) and I am only more determined not to repeat my past mistakes anymore. He was like, really worried for me although he didn't have to be?? Am certain that I will not regret this relationship. He may spend quite some time with his friends and all, but when he's with me he'd make sure I don't feel neglected or anything. And I don't NEED him with me ALL THE TIME. So that pretty much compromises our relationship perhaps.

Lol I'm ranting crap again

Just wanna let him know that I appreciate him tho. To le extent where I shall learn to cook. And try be a really good gf. Thanks for still caring and loving me even when I'm doing that gay-crying thing okeii laling. Imma propose to you with self-made bak kut teh one day.

Nicki Sim

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