Why am I even bored

Found this baby on 9gag <3
The days have started where I sit in front of the laptop slothing around wondering life's purpose as I stare at the loading screen of whatever game or comic I happen to be browsing through.

Most of the MUFY class students have long since gone back home, leaving only Jia Ying , Ryana and I wondering what to do next in the hostel. 

I shit you not even with a laptop and internet connection, which is what I have always wanted to have prior to the exams, I have nothing to do now. Well, nothing that interests me for long anyway. 

The day had gone by with 9gag, Tetris Battle, drawing and reading, just like what I said I would be doing in the previous post. 

To be honest I am still just looking at this gif. image at the left while I'm typing this because oh my god how can a puppy be so cute like oh. mi. gawd. just. Let me hug you mai dear. Like seriously. Let me hug you and pet you and play with you the whole day my dear puppy. 

I like big dogs. Those like golden retrievers and whatnot. Maybe a husky. Huskies are really pretty. 

And le Minion happens to have quite a number of dogs that I immediately fell for upon seeing them I can't wait to get a chance to play with them QmQ <3 <3 <3 Ah yes, put me around animals and I'll probably never get bored. Animals are nice companions to have at all times.

But back to the topic. Tomorrow Ryana and Jia Ying are going with several other friends to the Desaru Beach. It's a one day trip that my parents are not allowing me to go to. On the bright side, le Minion has agreed to come over and visit so that I won't be bored.

He's sho nice. *confetti and love icons all over the screen here* I have no idea why it feels as if I've had this relationship for a long time when in actual fact we have only been together for a week. I don't mind though. It doesn't quite affect this relationship to start with.

Uh yeah. So they are going to the trip. It's quite different without the coursemates around. On any normal days I'd go to the courtyard and see familiar faces there and then the fun would just begin. Now, however, there's not many familiar faces to be seen, and no one from my course aside from the two said girls are there (only from afternoon onwards because before that they would be sleeping).

There's only 4 days left before I leave the hostel and the college altogether though. There's a lot that I'll be missing. College is truly a fun experience and I actually love studying here. With supportive friends and lecturers, studying is not that much of a burden on normal days. (Well it's different when preparing for finals because it's the FINALS we're talking about but you get my point)

Meanwhile, I guess I'll just browse through mangafox to look for nice horror mangas. :3

See ya'll soon, my dear readers.

Nicki Sim

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