Ah, I have decided not to go to Melaka after all. On a side note, I have finally finished writing the story for KL Noir: Blue at 4.30a.m. today and although I did get a little scolding from le minion because I went to sleep just as he woke up, I felt satisfied having finished writing it within three days. Took quite some procrastination, of course. And I really have not written for quite some time, so my writing skills must have deteriorated.

So. Highlights on 2013.

Life at college and hostel was definitely epic, to start with.

Getting to know how college and university works. That gives me a clearer view on the future I might be facing.

Got myself a boyfriend late in le year, yet another highlight.

Got myself a job.

Visited le potential future university.

Went overseas with friends for the first time.

My first open relationship that my parents actually know about. And approved.

I got another straight A's thing. Only that it's straight HD's this time and I got an outstanding academic award for it as well.

Had my first surprise birthday party thrown by my awesome friends (Happy tears)

Does going to le night market with friends for le first time count?

First ever date that went on for more than 5 hours. This one lasted about 12 hours to and back? OAO

Massive book haul of 18 and 31 books in May and December respectively. And there's an unknown number of books in about March. 11 or 13 maybe. I declare 2013 a year of massive book hauls.

Bought a drawing tablet.

Why, I ran a blog.

First said "Baby I love you" in Chinese to anyone at all.

I made friends. Really cute ones. and I did not actually touch any girls' boobs this year except for my own. If any, those are accidental.

Damn 2013 summarized I procrastinated a big deal and did nothing much.

Learnt to play a new song on piano: River Flows in You easy version.

I got someone who loves me enough to give me a huge minion plush toy.

I'll see you guys next year. =P

Nicki Sim

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