As Happy as a TURTLE

I can comfortably rest my arms on the pile of books while
sitting on the floor. Le pile of books is that tall desu.
Hi, people. This is Tatoru Yuki, feeling very very happy upon arriving back home with shoulders aching from carrying many books (Never TOO many when it comes to buying books. NEVER.) from the Big Bad Wolf sale.

Well, a happy turtle is satisfied. I smiled all the while I was arranging the books into my bookshelf. If there's one chore that can make a bookworm happy, it's to arrange the books nicely in the bookshelf so that it's pleasing to the eyes and you would be able to smile while admiring the neatly-arranged books. The feeling simply cannot be described by words alone.








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My budget was actually RM250, but I knew that I was going to spend more than that for sure, and have thus brought RM300 with me. In the end, what I bought totaled up to RM263 for 31 awesome books. I browsed through the huge book fair for a little more than 2.5 hours in the crowd, looked high and low in the general fictions section for my favourite authors and book titles that I wanted but too expensive to buy at any other normal bookstores and wandered to the language, travelling and even humour section to see if any books would catch my attention. 

I was not disappointed. Among my purchase I also bought an easy learning Japanese phrasebook (RM5) , a Time magazine on the human brain (RM8) , Ripley's Believe it or Not (RM15), a Vampire Arts Now artbook (Rm15) and a joke compilation book from Reader's Digest (RM8). 

All other books are fictions. Thriller, crime, horror, romance, tragedy, etc. Aside from a Jodi Picoult's book 'Lone Wolf' which cost RM10, all other fictions cost a mere RM8. 

That excitement. Wave after wave of bookgasms consumed me the whole 2.5 hours I was there. AaAaaaaAAhhhhhhh *means in the sexy husky voice of the books (Just imagine how books will sound like if they have a voice. No, I can't imagine that either.)* <3 

Biggest book sale I have ever went to. So many customers, so many staff working 24 hours!!
The bookmarks obtained from this BBW2013 sale!
I brought four recyclable bags with me. Those types that you get to buy at the supermarket when plastic bags are not available. I used three of them, and that's just for me to differentiate the prices so that the purchasing process would be faster when I pay at the cashier. One bag's for the two Rm10 and two Rm15 books plus one Rm5 book, and the other two bags are filled with Rm8 books. Two bags because one bag is too small to fit all the books in.

In the row I was lining up in, I happened to be the one with the most books. There's a small feeling of achievement when I noticed that because Yo I saved up for these babies. I worked for this. I earned these. Look at my trophies. 

Proof from the receipt obtained. Keeping
this along with other special tickets I own.
What I earned as a bonus is a chance to spin the wheel at the customer service corner for a possible gift or cash voucher for spending more than Rm100. For spending RM300 and above, you get a free small bag, if I am not mistaken. 

Oh, from that I got myself a sticker book, a glow-in-the-dark type. Filled with stickers and maps and scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

And a 1-year free BookXcess Membership which I have to claim within 3 months but I don't think I'll be able to because it was late and my family and I had to go back home - Johor. 4 hours drive from KL. Not likely to visit anytime soon and I might not buy books there really. Rarely visit to KL anyway.

There's also a merchandise corner which is located beyond the cashiers' place. The badges, t-shirts and pop-up books etc are all very tempting as well, but sadly I have spent enough money for the day. 

Approx. 2/3 of the books I arranged in le bookshelf.
The others are in other compartments. 
So that's the trip to KL just for this BBW sales. Big Bad Wolf 2013 sale is totally awesome, I swear. There're some books that are totally by famous authors with prices that you will not get them for in any regular bookstores. I mean, even the artbook was marked USD29.99 at the inside of the book cover. Assuming ratio 4:1, the book could have costed like RM120 but I bought it for RM15. That awesomeness.

Plus the arts are pretty good, I can learn some techniques from it. 

Then today, I went shopping with my family and bought myself a nice ring for RM5 and a choker-thing for RM25, which is also very pretty. Yes, I spent quite a fortune these two days compared to how much I usually spend (NOTHING, because my dad pays =P) but this is worth it. It's not like I spend on a daily basis. Or weekly. At most I may buy myself a lollipop when I go shopping with my parents but that's it. So I excuse myself for this. 

RM 5.
On le left: le ring. Something like skeletal fingers.

Is pretty. But not sure if looks good on me.
At the bottom, le choker-thing that cost Rm25 but looks absolutely fabulous. Using my plush toy as a model because why not.

Well, I can't wait to just log off the laptop and start reading all the books already, but then there's my work to do you see, so I can't enjoy it.

Not yet.

But soon, yes I will.

To friends of mine who are all book-lovers and are currently in KL as well, please don't miss the chance to go to the Big Bad Wold book sale!! It's seriously a massive book sale and you will not regret going there.

Even my parents who are not really fans of books have found books that piqued their interests.

And warning. There's the traffic at the book fair as there's only like one exit from several parkings. All merged into 4 lanes maybe, but you'll be stuck there for some time. Good luck. And at the same time, have fun. 

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