I do wonder if that was a doppelganger case alright.
But the girl is still alive and well so far, so I wonder...
One of the major weird occurrences I remember happening was probably when I was about 13 or 14. 

I was sitting in the science lab, and the lab has quite a number of long tables. So there I was not quite paying attention to the teacher's lessons and I just looked around and caught the eye of one of my classmates sitting at another table. Well, eye contact. So I just smiled and waved at her, and she did the same thing back.

Sounds pretty normal, no? Well that's what I thought until I was looking for the girl after recess time and another classmate told me that the said girl I smiled and waved at was absent today.

Still makes me wonder what really happened and who it was that I saw in the lab that day.

Today though, I happened to be at the 10th floor of an apartment in Singapore that gives you a view of the airport and there you get to see the planes taking off or landing in all its glory.

I just turned towards my sister who was standing opposite me and I thought I saw a small kid in a red shirt - he has short hair, so yes, I shall call it a 'he' - dashing past me really fast. Too silent and fast for any normal small kids. I did the first thing my brain asked me to. I looked at my sister and asked, "Did you see a small kid just now? He just ran past."

And my sister was like, "What kid."

That got my panic-o-meter rising and I wondered if it was just a play of the mind. After all, after apparently seeing the small kid dash past I looked in the direction of where he was headed and saw no one. Plus, my family and a friend's family was standing in the way, blocking the whole hallway where apartment residents walk through. There's no way a kid could just get past all that without a parent saying "Hey let that kid pass".

The thing is, my dad had the ability to see ghosts and whatnot ever since he was really young. He sorta grew up with that 'sight'. So when we headed back home I asked him if he saw the kid running by. 

What he said is just about like this: "You saw it too? I saw it leaning at the side just looking at the airport. That's why I retreated from that place. I saw it run past too. And uh. Not sure if you guys want to know this but it was standing at the corner while I was parking the car, just looking at us."


Oh well, I can only cross my fingers for now that what I saw was not a sign that I have inherited my father's sights. After all I only saw it running past and not while it was looking at the airport or standing in the car park. =P 

Nicki Sim

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