Happiness in being Alone

Picture taken several minutes before I
had to leave on graduation's day.
Have not seen him since then. Yet.
If there's anything that can increase the chance of happiness in a long-lasting relationship, it's to learn to be happy alone. Well, that's what I saw from a 9gag post some time ago, and I totally agreed with it.

The post mentioned that it's best to enter a relationship only after you are able to be content with being alone.

Well, if you are not happy being alone, meaning that you need constant company at most times, I believe that you would be upset at your partner for not texting you back right away or stay with you 24/7.

For my first relationship, I expected it to be natural for the guy to stick with me all the time, and to notify me whenever he was going to get busy. And having that guy to be a first-timer in relationships as well, that was also what he expected of me, so we got along pretty fine on that matter. 

As for now, with le minion having his maybe 5th or 6th (IDK I have not asked and am not that curious anyway) relationship already and me at my second, I learnt that things are not as I expected. It's normal for the guy to be busy with his friends instead when he's not busy with his house chores or working. He will be less likely to text back when he's outdoors with his friends. And it's not necessary that the guy takes all the initiatives as I have also learnt in my previous relationship.

But I'm more of the shy type when going on a 'date', so to say, with le boyfriend that I don't get to meet often. If I'd been around him all the time I won't even hesitate to hug him in public, but when there's le distance between us and only getting to meet once in a length of time, I tend to get shy and taking initiative is simply out of the question.

That was one of the reasons that I got into some conflicts with my ex, because I did not dare to take initiatives with him. I get nervous and panicky and just become more of a log than a girlfriend.

To be honest I'm a little worried that the same thing will be happening with le Minion. ><

I'm alright with him not being with me all le time. I'm okay even if he texts back once every half an hour or more or just go out with his friends and stop texting back altogether. Everyone need their time with other humans, so it's just reasonable and I'm not upset about it.

I am used to being alone already before this afterall, and found happiness in being all by myself.

While he's gone I just do my own stuff, read, draw, play some games online, stuff like that. So yep, although I may miss him once in a while I'm doing great, mostly. 

It's not like I ain't happy to spend time with him though. Having someone to love and feel loved as well is pure joy really. It's nice to have him around and call me at random hours and I've gotten pretty comfy around him to the point where I'd share pictures of nice girls with awesome tits with him when I see one. 

So I'm actually pretty happy about this relationship and have some hopes on it. Future plans. Whatever. Girls do that all the time k, I ain't weird. We imagine le future faaarrr faaaarrr away, like how our grandchildren will behave and how our house is going to be like and so on. Actually, that's kind of exaggerating but you get the idea.

The key is to be happy when you're alone as well as when you're with your partner. With that done I don't think there'll be many other issues really. Trust and whatnot. Crossing my fingers and happy that he can accept this weirdo here as a gf. =P

Nicki Sim

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