Hi Mai Dahlings

Hey everyone. Le Turtle is baaaack. She has finally completed all the requirements for submission into le NTU. So Imma be honest. That was tiring.

Portfolio consisting of 12 drawings (Minimum is 12. So twelve it is), personal statement, creative projects, still life, abstract arts and a 1-page comic. 



I'm going to NTU tomorrow to submit all the above mentioned documents. Well, Singapore. Even the online application is quite a tiring process. They did not lie when they said "This form may take up to 20 minutes to complete". 

The form was okay, but they required me to post all my documents online as well, uploading identification cards and all that.

Hell yeah baybeh
And I'm going there tomorrow to see what's so great about this place because my lecturer and parents AND my parents' friends really are hoping for me to get into that place. O.o Hmm. Just worrying about le money stuff IF i do get in really. wait no. I am not really worrying about anything else other than how education there is like. I really want to ask for honest opinions from other turtles in le university like how is the life there is it as terrible as I fear it might be, is le assignment load heavy, are le lecturers good, and if I happen to meet those who have graduated, ... did the course provide them a good job opportunity.

Ah, now I'm all stressed up about my life after graduation from le university. And my application has not even been processed yet look at the paranoid side of me. xD

Well, Christmas was gone with me sitting in front of the television watching 'Christmas specials' on Channel 5. Nope, not even a countdown or wishing anyone really. Minion was out celebrating with his friends till like 2 or 3am. it seems like we are not gonna be able to celebrate le New Year together either, now that he has booked some place to go with his friends. 

Ish saaad. 

And I really miss him this is silly I know but yesh I miss him like le idiot I am. To think that I have once been paranoid about le Minion not being able to withstand le distance and all yet I'm le one who misses him like wacko when he goes out with his friends. 

Hi, this is le weird Turtle.

But it's okeii cause I lurve dat idiot of mine. I kinda wanna bring him along with me when I go visit Singapore tomorrow but I don't think that option is really available. 

Oh well. Will keep you guys updated on whatever university I'll go to next!

Nicki Sim

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