In loving memories of: MAI FRINGE

I hope you're well wherever you are, O'Fringe.

Dear Fringe,

Remember the times we had together ever since my hair started to grow as a baybee?

Despite the annual or half-a-year cutting routine, you have never given up growing again, and again, and again, only to be cut above the eyebrows' level again in a few months' time. I thank you for your perseverance. 

Remember when I was about 12 or 13 when I started growing you? I started loving the 'emo' and 'goth' culture and wanted to have a similar hairstyle with them, and aimed to have that long one-sided fringe that the emo people have (trademark style).

Oh and you grew. You grew so long and fast I was happy and I'm sure that you were too, for being finally able to grow. 

But then there was that phase in my life when I decided to have a tomboy-ish appearance, and off you go once again. Almost all of your comrades and you were violently and abruptly silenced, simply cut off like that. I apologize for the violence you had to face.

However, I stayed true to you afterwards. By the time I was 16, I swore to keep my hair long for the next two years or so. And this time, you grew to the same length as your comrades, a little above the shoulder length.

By this time you acted not only as a fringe I can accessorize with colourful hairclips and rubberbands, you also acted as a 'curtain' or 'sunglasses' to protect my eyes from the glaring sunlight. And I was able to tie you up in many weird manners. 'The Anglerfish' and 'Dat-Thing-on-the-Teletubbies'-Head' were two of the styles that I used a lot at home, annoying my mum and my sister.

Because apparently I was not acting like a normal girl.

And with your new length, I was able to frighten myself sleepless with a reflection of myself with a center parting hairstyle.

I suppose you were not used to your new job, my dear fringe. For from then on you stopped growing much. Even as your comrades continued growing below the shoulder length, you stayed that length of yours. Did I fail to provide you with the nutrients you need? Oh, I'm so sorry if I did.
Then this year, a few months after celebrating our 2nd year anniversary, ...

I'm so sorry for cutting you off for my selfish reasons again, my dear fringe. I loved you, and I always will. I would welcome you back anytime but...

Would you give me one last chance to have you back with me? 

I'll give you space and time, and I know that you will need to think about this. But, just remember that I'll welcome you back, anytime, alright?

I love you, mai fringe.

Nicki Sim

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