Possible Trip??

School is starting for some of us unfortunate ones here. More to the kids in Johor currently, because they are starting their studies on New Year itself. Sad life.

And meanwhile I have a 50% chance of visiting my hometown Melaka with le minion and his friends and possibly, if I really get to go, I MIGHT invite my own group of friends along since I do not know any of le minion's friends. And you know how guys are like around their friends. They stick with le friends more, y'know. 

Well, more planning only if the permission for me to stay overnight in Melaka is obtained.

Of course I hope to go. I mean, I get to spend time with le minion before his classes start as well. And maybe I'll be less boring in person or something. xD

Currently writing a story for submission in a contest, will update you guys if I am going or not and once I finish the story, I will provide the link to the story I published in Wattpad, That is, if I finish it today.

Nicki Sim

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