Ranting about being 'busy'

Ohmigosh I'm so sorry for not blogging for like I wonder how many days. I have been working on my portfolio and looking for references and inspirations for the artworks I will have to submit. I'll be needing at least 12 pictures in my portfolio, with an additional 5 or 6 pictures as a task included in the portfolio. Plus an essay of about 400 words.

Portfolio artwork (1)
Who knew Singapore would require so much stuff for application? A friend of mine is studying there with scholarships and almost zero pocket money from her parents because she got to work in the university library as the librarian and that money is apparently enough to live off le most basic food and so on. Plus in le friggin library you can just scan the documents you want and save/print them for future references.

Sounds good. Library. Always wanted to be a librarian at some point of my life.

But if I don't get this application thing done I will not be able to get all these. At least for once dad approved of my university choice.

Ah, it's Nanyang Technology University, School of Arts and Design, by the way. Crossing my fingers that my application will be accepted. And I really hope that they provide more practical stuff compared to those theory-ish things because practical is really what I need. Will have to obtain more information once I get to visit.

But let's say I do get in to this university. All le plans to meet up with le Minion over le 3 or 4 years in KL would be ruined. He would most likely be studying in KL by September 2014 maybe, upon finishing his semester 1 retake. That's actually sorta sad. ... But studies first anyway, that's le priority and would be until my studies are complete.

Portfolio artwork (2) Owls because we all love them
I hope things will be alright between us =) Let's just say we don't really get to communicate much until like maybe after 11pm. He's working until about 6pm or so daily, and when he's home there's stuff to do. Recently le house is under renovation and he had to help paint le house after getting home. Must be tiring, though. Yet he still sleeps around 2am and wakes up around 7am daily for his job and I just wonder how he can get by with so few hours of sleep.

And here I am blogging about all these stuff, before going back to my portfolio once more. We are both sorta busy so at least there's no feelings of being neglected whatsoever. =P But to be honest mine's more to procrastination really.

Either way I now have le university application, le short story competition, and le job research all on my hands at the same time. Got to split le time well to get all my tasks done. Maybe in a few weeks I'd actually get to hang out with le minion again. *crosses fingers*

Ah dang I forgot that I had to go to le college to collect my exam transcript. Maybe I'll just go collect it when le college January semester commences. Or tomorrow. Something. I'll figure something out. 

Nicki Sim

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