Results are Out

Total marks = Sem 1 + sem 2 divide 2 = 344

So all my hard work have come to this.

I took only 4 subjects unlike some of my other friends who took 5 to get some extra marks to their final scores. 

I improved for English and Maths, but my marks dropped for biology and chemistry, and that disappointed me a little because I thought I'd get better marks for Biology this time. I aimed for 90 but then... oh well. As for Chemistry, I had higher marks then I thought I was able to get because I really thought the maximum mark I was able to obtain was 70+. 

So, 8 HD's obtained. HD marks are marked at merely 80 marks. At least I still maintained my Straight A's record so far. From UPSR to PMR to SPM to this college thing. To be honest I feel quite accomplished. As someone who actually taught le classmates sometimes - especially for Maths, I had to prove that I was good enough to do so anyway.

The marks are mostly divided like 50% internals marks (group assignments, topic tests, lab reports, etc) and 50% external marks (The Terrifying Final Exams).

For maths, internals only consist of 30% and the externals 70%.

I went curious and started tabulating my external scores. 

Turns out I don't have the internal marks for Maths 1 in my notebook, sorry.
So yeah, what I said about my chemistry marks is kind of true in some ways. I got 70+ got Chemistry both times. Chemistry, killing me since SPM (The only A I got out of all the other A+'s). I wonder why I still stick to taking Chemistry when I know that it's going to ruin me.

Shoulda taken Physics, although I didn't like Physics either. But at least my Physics mark has always been better than my Chemistry marks. It's okay, lesson learnt. Plus I am now free from science. 

I am disappointed for my Biology marks though, like seriously. I was aiming for the Monash Excellence Award but I guess I didn't try hard enough. On the other hand I'm also wondering what mistakes I made for the Maths finals because I thought that it was really easy but cannot remember anymore the questions I was doubtful about.

95 marks though. Happy enough. =P

I am really happy with my English external marks this time though, although my English marks was still beaten by Shah, who got the other Academic Excellence Award back then. Ugh, I lost to you, Shah, although I beat you in English back in Semester 1. But CONGRATS ANYWAY BRO.

All mai efforts boiled down to just this, but at least I can expect a reward meal from my dad later. =P

Meanwhile, all the best, you other humans in MUFY Jan'13. Hope you guys got what you wanted as well. =)

Nicki Sim

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