Short Post because Why Not

So mai minion MAYBE ain't going to KL to study engineering next year as planned due to some problems. He's going to continue his studies in SYCJB in le business course provided there. Well, that's the plan so far. He still wants to study engineering, but his score missed the entry requirements by a few marks. 

It's either to retake a semester or to seek other options in other universities.

Well since I'm done with the researching job of mine I'm now researching the universities that offer mechanical engineering, with hopes that he can actually get into some other universities instead for the course that he wants. ><

It's upsetting not being able to study something that you want at the ideal university.

Ah, meanwhile, the piece of somewhat good news is that I am going to the BBW book sales tomorrow with two huge bags and maybe RM200 or RM250 to spend. 

I. Can't. Wait. 

And recently I've been sort of hooked up on music box melodies on Spotify. While I had started with listening to the top hits I am now queuing more than 100 music box melodies on my playlist.

I am also trying to get rid of my addiction to yet another Facebook game, which is called 'Pocket God'. You get to kill the pygmies in many ways, which is kind of fun really. Try it out sometimes. xDD

Nicki Sim

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