Silly Things/Pranks to do With/For/On You

Conversations often have their own way of turning from one topic to another. From one such turning of topic, I now have to write a so-called bucket list of things to do with Minion. I have nothing in my mind at the moment, but I know that once I get started there will be lots of weird stuff included in this list.

I made him promise not to laugh in advance. I'm not sure if this is going to be a good list. Just gonna write down whatever that passes through my mind.

*takes deep breath* So here goes.
  • Find something we both love doing, and just spend the whole day doing that together. Gaming, maybe?
  • Force you to finish reading one of my favourite novels =P
  • Steal something from you and don't tell you, wait for you to notice it yourself =P
  • If you ever fall asleep near me, be careful. I haz duct tape. Bid the forest at your legs goodbye. Either that or I launch my kidnapping plan.
  • Sneak out somewhere, just two of us. Just wanna hug you for as long as I can.
  • Shop for a gift for each other. We both don't like shopping that much, but this can do, aye?
  • We should go to a photobooth and have our ugly faces printed on stickers or something.
  • Wanna try get food poisoning by my cooking?
  • If we're going to meet in KL, come have a sleepover at my place won't you. Hugs to sleep yay <3
  • You said you're fat. I said I'm fat. What's stopping us from going to the gym to workout together?
  • We should take a cross-dressing photo. I have some outfits I'm sure you can fit in, you tiny hooman.
  • Let's go play at a theme park~!!!
  • I'll get myself a better phone, then maybe we can call or video-call or whatever.
  • I really wanna hear you play le piano. You haz le skills. You know I love piano.
  • When I get my license, let's go on a trip by car. Somewhere far. 
  • I forgot the couple ring didn't I.
  • Someday in le future when this is possible, let's marathon all le awesome horror movies from midnight onwards. Till le morning or something.
  • You said you're gonna leave your thrash in your room till I go clean it. (AM I YOUR MAID OR SOMETHING) Bring me there and I'll be happy to do it. But no boy stuff. Please don't let me see your porn stash if you have one. Hide it properly. 
  • Learn a new language together or something. A new something. Skills, language, anything really.
  • Let's see how long we can last. I'm a paranoid person. Pessimistic sometimes too.
  • Celebrate our birthdays when we get to.
  • Do you like Christmases? I do. Get a hint.
  • Maybe when I dare to I'll kiss you. I will. Don't bug me about it. I'm a shy person.
  • Go photo-bombing someone random.
  • Why not play pranks on your friends together or something??
  • Prepare yourself for April Fool's Day k.
  • When I've learnt how to, I'll make an animation about us k? This is a promise. It'll be a birthday or anniversary gift if you stay with me long enough.
  • If you want me to think faaaarrrr into le future, ... ... we agreed on silver or platinum ring did we not?
  • Attend a concert for a band we both like. ... Tiesto? xDD
  • Is it possible if I try my make-up skills on you because I'm really really curious
  • If we're ever going overseas, let's go in the autumn. ... or spring. Winter maybe, but it's too cold for me ><
  • Have you be honest to me about what you want. You never really tell me, =3= Secretive your head, you idiot.
  • One day I'm gonna drop a huge lie on you and see how mad you can get. You have been warned. It's going to be a huge prank some day in the future. Don't be too angry with me by then. =P
  • Let's not fight or argue, okay? I'll get scared if you ignore me or shout at me. I'll apologize first.
  • Adopt a pet together. Even the dog you already have at home will do.
  • You love cars. Bring me to a car fair and tell me about them. You know I don't mind learning.
  • Minion, Idiot, Laling, ... ... Shall le list of nicknames expand?
  • Find one day we go to le beach. Le sea is awesome. ... Okay, maybe not in Malaysia. Somewhere else.
  • You love watching TV. I might not like it much, but I can watch for le whole day if you find a good series that we can marathon le whole day or whole week.
  • Am going for dat booty. If you were a girl I'd go for your bewbs. But booty can do.
  • Boobs. Bewbs. We both like pretty girls. Let's go sightseeing sometimes. 8)
  • Have you suffer by watching you read one or two yaoi (gaaaayyyyyyy) comics of mine. 8)
  • Can I tie your hair?
  • Tell me about your childhood, won't you?
  • You really should make this list too, I wanna seeee.
I don't even know what I want, mai minion. What do couples do??? OAO"" You're supposed to be le one that tell me about this, not that other way round~!! OMO

Nicki Sim

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