Stuck at home!

So now that Imma be stuck home for the next few months (8 months, at least), all I'm doing is drawing and finding info online and Facebook-ing and playing this Pocket God game. Then when the internet hours are up, I seek my phone and my novels. And even then, I'd still feel like drawing because well, why not?? 

And just last night when I was supposed to be asleep I ended up chatting with le Minion right up till 4.30am.

Achievement unlocked.

But then because of the insufficient sleep I'm kinda sleepy now and my body hurts.

That does not prevent me from streaming videos on Youtube though. Pewdiepie. Random Minion videos. 'How-to-Draw' videos. Nigahiga. Censored advertisements that never made it to the TV. Stuff like that.

Meanwhile, my to-do list increases tremendously in length. Not only there's more stuff to research in depth for my job, I also need to prepare my portfolio for university application and there's some artworks that my lecturer asked me to complete for her. And I really wanna read those novels I bought.

So what now? I still got to do what I have to. I just need motivation to get started, maybe. I'll get started with the portfolio first then. Maybe in one hour or two I will just send my drawings over to the lecturer for her to check. I should be done with more stuff today. Then I'll get to rest early. 


Nicki Sim

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