'Tis le Season

Christmas is on its way and the girlish side of me is getting a bit sentimental and all about this festive season.

I miss mai minion and I wanna meet him and just spend time with him more often before I go study in Singapore. 

Uh yeah. It's like about 80% chance of going to Singapore to study now have I told you that?? Oh gosh the nervousness. I wanna meet mai minion already.

But I don't think we will get to celebrate Christmas or New Year together actually. Both of us got our own plans. And although mine includes spending the festive seasons with him, it might not be le same for him. He already has friends asking him to go clubbing for le New Year countdown. I have yet to go to places like that because I consider those places pretty much legit for immoral activities. The way I was brought up does not allow me to go to these places.

Turtle Duck
On a completely side note, Minion told me that he got this 'Duck' nickname from his friends because of his Chinese surname which sounds similar to it. And after stumbling across the 'Turtle Duck' hybrid species on Google (Which originates from this Avatar cartoon I think), I realized that I now have a new creature to draw if I ever want to draw a fake family portrait for the girl inside me.

Duck + Turtle = Turtle Duck. 

Epic as Fork.

Yesssss, ish sho cuuuteee I knooowwwww. Thanks for praising mai baybee.

Back to the point. I really sorta wanna spend le New year with him - le countdown part, at least, because it's the end of year 2013 and going to 2014. In chinese, the numbers 1314 represents something like 'For the rest of our lives'. Spending the countdown time together just about symbolizes that. That's why it's so important to me QmQ plus I just wanna hug him actually. Ehehe.

Look at all the girlish mentality inside me spilling out like this on my blog. 

I cross my fingers. Christmas, New Year, or just the coming weekend. Whatever really. I just really want to see him amidst our busy lives. He'll be commencing his studies in January as well, you see. We'll all just get more and more busy and I can only hope that his feelings for me won't fade with the passing time.

See you, people, while I go wish on whatever I can find.

Nicki Sim

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