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Daily Prompt: Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.

The first thing that occurred to me about this topic is most probably learning French.

Learning language in duolingo means starting out from le basics and going down the skill tree.
I'm currently only at the food and animals section. Slow progress.
As a Chinese raised in Malaysia, my mother tongue is Chinese, followed by English and Malay. I speak Chinese at home, and I use English and Malay when I'm outdoors with friends.

None of these languages would assign genders to objects. We simply refer them as 'it', ‘它' and 'ia' respectively. So of course, upon commencing my French course in, I was terribly confused when I realized that a cat is 'un chat', a male, while a letter, 'une lettre', is a female. A fish would be male, and a beer would be female. A wine, which sounds more feminine than beer, is a MALE.

Yes, I am confused. I try to keep note of objects and their specific genders in a small notebook of mine.

Subject-verb agreement is still a problem for me as well. Just the word 'eat', 'eating' or 'eats', for example. It can be mange, mangez, manges, mangeons, or mangent. 

In most tests I take for this lesson, I will either mess up the gender or the subject-verb agreement. I'm pretty much okay with the nouns.

It's been quite some time since I last went on duolingo for my lessons. Maybe I should go there again when I feel less tired like how I am today. Meanwhile, à bientôt!

Nicki Sim

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