Chinese New Year!!

Allow me to start my post by wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. May you be blessed with a prosperous year ahead of you, health, wealth, wisdom, and all the love that you can get.


Chinese New Year is when you arrive home late at night stinking of smoke from fireworks, fried food, burnt incense and maybe alcohol as well.

I have all but the last. I have yet to consume alcoholic drinks for this festive seasons, and probably never will. I don't quite know how to drink. The only more alcoholic beverage that I had over New Year is not quite one to start with, since it's 0.1% alcoholic Shandy. But it's okay cause at least I am allowed that little of alcohol from time to time. Better than nothing.

Mai Chinese New Year started with playing mahjong with mum and sister from midnight to 2 a.m. in the morning today. 

I have only learnt this game about two or three years ago, and yesterday I lost many games because most of the tiles I had were, let's just say, bad. Nothing you can do except to get rid of them at every round you get to do so.

It was fun, although by the end of the game I was so sleepy I thought I was going to just fall asleep right at the mahjong table. 

New Year Outfit Day 1!
In the morning, mum brought my siblings and I to the temple to pray for a good year. I who was one of the 'kai nv' or 'stepdaughter' or Guan Yin, one of the Gods, had the chance to pray to this mother of mine. It's been quite some time since I last visited a temple, and I was not that superstitious about religions; thus I had not prayed much. D:

Of course there's the usual visiting of friends and family members afterwards, and we spent our time from 4pm to 11pm at some restaurants or friends' places, stuffing ourselves and greeting relatives, answering their questions about my education and how I grew up and whatnot. Red packets, quite aplenty. 8) 

Fireworks, we played at night at one of le old friends' house. We visit them every year, if not every few months. Which explains why I can detect the stink I have on me now. So smoke. Such pollution. Much loud.

There's still many relatives on my mother's side that I have yet to visit! Dad's side is mostly done with for now, if you don't count in the far faaarrr relatives. Well, commence day 2. I'm ready for more of le celebration. 8)

Nicki Sim

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