One of le pictures taken with Chloe, this one taken on
31st July 2013, some time after she shifted.
Dedicating this post to one of my best friends that I just clicked with when I started my college life. First day of college, I was really timid and I spotted this girl who looked equally timid. 6th of January, 2013.

First impression: Timid.

I think she asked to sit beside me during the second or third lesson and we started talking. That's how most friendships starts. Talking.
"Hey, what's your name?"
"Chloe. Or Hui Bin. You?"
"I'm Wan Yong. Call me Turtle. or Yuki."
Introduction. The normal stuff, really. Being in that college means that I'd speak to her in Chinese sometimes and English at some other times. A few days into knowing each other, we hung out together for lunch breaks and a while after the last lectures are over.

A few days into our friendship, while I was talking to her, she suddenly looked me straight in the eyes and say, "Yuki. My name is pronounced Hui Min. Not Hui Bin."

You see. This thing about Chinese names. How you spell it in letters is different if compared to how you pronounce it in Chinese. In English her name was Hui Bin, yes, but in Chinese, it's just different. 

Just like how my "Wan Yong" is pronounced as "Wan Rong". It turns out that I have been calling her by the wrong name for several days. That moment of realization I will remember for a long time yet. *laughs*

Our first presentation in class. Me 2nd from left and her 3rd.
Date: 9th March 2013
And really, we were close for a long time after that. She did not stay in the hostel like I was, so we only spent our days in college together until the lectures ended. We helped each other in our studies, trying to understand a lesson more, and when the feared lab reports are in our way, she would help me to find to information needed as well and we would share what we found. 

The topic tests which contributed to our internal scores though. That's what brought us together even more. Back then all those Maths and Biology topic tests really never failed to make us feel down.

We tried so hard. But our results disappointed us. We were hoping that we'd get an A-grade. And some of the first few papers that were easier, we got careless.

Fries from McDonald's. With LOTS of pepper and a single
packet of salt because it's pretty much salty enough.
Papers that we could have scored 100%, we got maybe around 94%. Careless mistakes. And the next few papers. Papers we expected around 85% for, she got like 80% and I got 60% or so. I lacked sleep during that topic test, I remember very well. And then the third paper. Where she got about 78% and me I just straight out failed with a 48%. Flunked it. Flunked it bad. You get how it is. We get low scores compared to what we hoped for. Especially for Biology and Maths.

For Asians born to parents with high expectations, that is pretty darn disappointing. 

By then we already developed this 'ritual' at McDonalds. We get bad results. We head to McDonalds, grab a vanilla sundae cone, and fries. Fries, with many packets of pepper obtained at the outlet. As much pepper as we can get. And we ate our sadness away. Ice-cream and fries were our remedy. 8)

That was how we lived until some when in March, when she announced that she will be shifting to another university to pursue her studies. She wanted to advance to Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS for short) and this university would provide a better pathway for that course. She said that she wanted to be a cardiologist.

12th April 2013: Farewell party for Chloe.
Venue: Sushi King, Jusco Tebrau.
By this time, we both revealed who we crushed on in college. Our little secret. ;3 And it was March. Shifting though she is, she took her trials paper with us. Still went through the tough Chemistry equations and Maths revisions with the rest of the class. I asked her not to go, as she was the only one that I was close to back in the first semester. I almost went along with her, because of our friendship and the possibility that I might pursue Degree in Pharmacy back then.

I stayed, and she left.

During her last few days in the college we arranged for a class photography, where two pictures of our whole class with her was taken. One was for her, and another one for a guy who shifted afterwards as well. But that guy I never really got to know. 
12th April 2013: The MUFY gang. Girl in red in middle is Chloe. The guy in brown, Melvin, shifted to Singapore.

12th April 2013. This picture was my
phone's wallpaper until 6th November 2013.
We held a small farewell party for her in a nearby shopping mall. 

We took photos. Did we watch movies? I don't remember anymore, but I believe that we did not. 

I remember some weird jokes shared while we were eating sushi. Silly jokes really, but we all cracked up all the same.

After having that lunch together and the time to bid farewell was close, she cried. It was heartbreaking to see your best friend cry, did you know that?

I missed her. And she said that she would miss us all too. I gave her a simple comic about the silly crush we had in college. Chloe, I hope you still are keeping it. In fact, keep it forever.

She was a great friend. Still is, actually. Her parents fetched me back to Sunway College afterwards. Which was actually after we browsed the shopping center and had dinner with her family. I knocked my head against the top of her car when trying to get out of it. Clumsy, but at least they laughed by le end of our outing that day. xD

19th April 2013, Freshies' Night.
She still managed to snuck in to our college for our  Freshies' Night event with students' ticket price.

Quite a number of photos were taken, as usual.

Either way, we were glad to have met again and our MUFY classmates welcomed her when she arrived. This silly girl was a little teary-eyed as the clock ticked by, the end of the college event drawing closer and closer.

She moved to another university where she stayed in its hostel. And simply because she was staying in hostel there, we did not lose contact. She made friends there, and managed to get some friends who were able to drive to bring her over to Secret Recipe which was directly outside the back gate of the Sunway College Hostel. 

RM7.50! July 31st, 2013.
That's where we hung out every Tuesday or Wednesday afterwards, from afternoon around 3.30pm right until 10.30pm or so. There was tea time offer, where we were able to get a slice of the oh-so-fancy cake and a cup of coffee for only RM7.50. 

It was kind of cheap, considering we were eating at a store meant to be expensive. We'd stay there and talk and do our homework and revisions together. After a meet-up or two, I got to know her friends from that university as well. 

We met up real frequent after that, cakes and coffee and homework. Sometimes there's just three of us, sometimes four, sometimes even more. We'd stay until we figured out that we needed actual food for dinner or when we really had to leave because Secret Recipe was closing for the day. 

So we did not actually lose contact after she shifted. To be honest I was really happy about that. =P 

BBQ DINNER. I already left when this
photo was taken. 13th July 2013
Then there were events that she held, such as when her family organized a BBQ dinner at her place and some of us visited and got FREE DELICIOUS FOOD and of course, finding this bestie of mine. Her family was pretty awesome, actually. Nice to hang out with. Cool people. 8) 

THERE WAS SO MUCH FOOD. We didn't quite manage to finish all of it, but it was fun nonetheless. The guys previously tried to break a maize into three parts with their bare hands when no knife was available. Just some random parts of the BBW dinner I remembered. xD

Ghost stories were told, talks were talked, whatever you might expect at a barbecue party with a group of friends. =) 

By semester two we met less though, because she had transport problems with coming over, and one very sad thing: Secret Recipe stopped its tea-time offer of Rm7.50. Heartbreaking, really. No more nice place to stay until 11pm.

I forgot her birthday. D: I DID NOT WISH HER ON HER BIRTHDAY. But she remembered mine and made me a really nice powerpoint slideshow with pictures of our memories. SO HAPPY QmQ <3 She sent the slides to me through Facebook at 12 o'clock midnight, precisely at my birthday.

She also joined some other MUFY friends who celebrated my birthday a day earlier at the mall. This time we did go to the cinema.
2nd November 2013!
Her sister, who shared the same birth date with me, attended as well. The day was fun, as usual. 8)


Eitherway, the way she hung out with the rest of us, it was as if we never really parted in the first place.

We contacted each other from time to time afterwards, and today I finally got to visit her again and catch up on whatever we have missed during the few months. She got a 4-flat for her first semester there, best results ever, has just finished her second semester, and she has dyed her hair. 

Best thing is, she got me a small container of self-made cookies for our 1-year-friendship anniversary. AND I GOT HER NOTHING. AIN'T I A GOOD FRIEND 8'D

Arrived, greeted her parents, and went in to help her bake some stuff. I only needed to help her shape them, actually, and she put them into the oven and do the timing stuff. Some of them turned out well, some too crumbly to lift from the plate without letting it all crumble into bits. 

Finally figured out that all those fancy shapes made it difficult for the dough to get tough enough to handle. 8) Made round ones instead afterwards and it worked.

She played le piano for me, and I attempted playing songs I know on a real piano in which i failed quite terribly. She plays well enough OMO <3 Her mum prepared lunch, and afterwards, tea as well. Thank you, kind people. <3

Although to be honest I was a little startled when your father called me 'Yuki' as well like how you do. Do your whole family know me as Yuki, Chloe? *laughs* 

We had tea on the balcony her dad BUILT on the second floor. Windy. Awesome. There we talked more - we have been talking a huge lot throughout our meeting each other AHAHAH - this time about relationships and alcohol and life in general like the deep people we are. *laughs* She still contacts a few people from Sunway College, although she now has new friends in the other university. 

I went back around 6.30pm, due to some traffic causing my dad to be later than the promised time. 

Sorry I did not get you a gift for our friendship anniversary (Do other humans celebrate friendship anniversaries?? If they don't we are now speciaaallll.) but if you will, do accept this blog post as a belated gift from me, Chloe. 8) You are awesome. I still cherish my memories with you.

Needless to say, I LOVE YOU. <3 Thanks so much for all our times together and thank you more if you took the time to finish read this long script. 8) 

Your Best Girl Buddy,
Turtle Yuki. XOXO

Nicki Sim

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