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Daily prompt: "Explore the room you're in as if you're seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?"

Heck I'm in my own room most of the time. But here goes. 

Upon entering the room I first see the door which has 3 drawings taped to it and some scribbles and doodles not finalized to be drawn on with a marker pen.

Stepping into the room, I can say that the room looks pretty messy with items scattered about on the floor and especially the table. 

The table though. Papers, a purse, two pencil boxes, a phone, a comb, and some unknown insignificant items. Something above the table caught my eye.

Why the hell is there a Megusta.jpg on the wall. And oh, that's a nice Miku Hatsune poster! More drawings from the proud owner of the room. 

I looked a little to the right and see a closet. There's two boxes on top of it, and is that pink pig thing a lamp or some sort?? 

Heck even the bed is messy although it's already made. There's not one but TWO jackets strewn on it, and a minion plush toy lies unattended under a sleeve of one of the jackets. 

A little more to the right and I see a small bookshelf and a bigger one. There's a radio that looks pretty old on the bigger bookshelf, and on top of the radio itself are some watches and notebooks. And a triple-plug thing. 

There are more plush toys in the smaller bookshelf. Between the two bookshelves are some folders and bags.

Right at the entrance there's yet ANOTHER bookshelf-thing, this one more messy than the other two. There's a speaker on it along with a phone charger, and that's where the piggybank is as well. On the floor there's a laptop and a bottle, and that's just about it.

There's a derpina in le room. The room owner. The one who created le mess in le room. Le one typing this blog post. Ugh. IT'S HER. NOOOOHHHH.

Nicki Sim

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