Dearly Departed

Daily Prompt: "Write your own eulogy."

What is this. I actually had to Google the word 'Eulogy' to see what it means.

I think it's easier to write a suicide note. D: I have never needed to give an eulogy at any funeral at all. But this sounds like something new and fun, so here goes.

We lost someone who is dear to us today, to everyone here who took your time to attend this funeral. She may not be familiar to some of you, but I have been very close to her.

I remember how she danced and sang from one end of the house to another, hugging the wall that separated her room and her sister's whenever she walked past like it was just yesterday. She would cling onto the wall and whisper sweet nothings to it as if the wall itself was a special wall that she tells her secrets to. Her best friends here today, especially you, Bunny, Crabby and you too, Farid, would know that this is just how she is. Her odd behaviours around those she's close with will be something I miss very much.

I went back home the night after the fatal incident, fully expecting to see her in front of her laptop and complaining of her back pain and slow torrent speed. But the laptop was not even switched on. Her Facebook account no longer posts regular updates. I'm sure that she wants me to take this opportunity to thank all her blog readers. *sniffs* Thank you.

Turtle had big dreams. It was a big enough dream for her. She wanted to open a quaint little shop selling plush toys and figurines that she designed and created. Her dreams did not happen, but I'm sure that had she still been alive, she would work hard for those dreams.

Cavan, I wonder how you feel about this. Up the the very last day she was still annoying me, telling me stuff about you. How did it feel like to have had a girlfriend who expected to get married to you some years later? No more over-attached girl clinging to you, whether or not you are happy about it. Although, knowing her, she might look over you for as long as she can and sneak into the bathroom when you are in it. Be careful. She will be hoping for you to get a better girlfriend who can make you happy. Live well.

She still has a lot of novels she hasn't read, doesn't she? She never got the chance to finish reading all those novels she bought. Her family members probably think of those as a real waste of money now, I believe. *smiles* Leave her room be for now, won't you? Maybe burn those books for her so that she can read them in her afterlife. Or sell them, if you guys need money that much. Those books are still so new they ought to fetch quite a good price. But just so you know, Turtle told me once that she doesn't want to books to be burnt because she was afraid that she won't receive them in her afterlife. 

I'm sure you guys all remember her obsession with bewbs and booties. May she be able to get her eyecandies where she is now, and stay happy with those doses. 

Turtle, if you are here listening, I hope that you are no longer suffering. I hope that you no longer feel pain or sadness, and rest assured knowing that although we may miss you, we will move on some day and live our lives to the fullest like what you would ask of us. As odd or normal you have been during life, you will be missed.

Nicki Sim

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