Festive Seasons: Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year and le first few words that came into my mind is "Ang Pows (pocket money)", "Snacks", and "Getting Fat."

Chinese New Year in 2014 is going to be at the 31st of January. These past few days, I have been helping my mum make some home-made CNY snacks for the visitors that would visit during le occasion. 

Well, helping to make the snacks and EAT them as well, actually. *laughs* I rarely get to help my mum to cook, much less cooking on my own, so these experiences are quite fun for me. After leaving those fritters to get a little cooler after frying, I'd take one or two to taste them, and in the end, I'd finish just enough to fill half a container for those snacks. 

And end up hating myself because I really want to look slim in my CNY costumes. ... Not just in my CNY costumes. ANY OUTFITS I WEAR WHEN I GO ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ACTUALLY. To top it off I ate ice-cream after eating those snacks which caused my throat to start itching.

During Chinese New Year, my family would go around visiting many of our relatives. Let's see. Mum has 6 siblings and dad has 3. The said siblings, some of them are already old enough and have gotten married with some of their own children as well. Even more family members to visit and greet. ... and get Ang Pows from. 8)

Chinese New Year coming soon also means that it's time to put on decorations around the house. CNY means RED, REEDDD decorations. hanging all around the house like how christmas trees decorate a house during christmas. 

The point is, days are gonna get real busy in the next few weeks. Hopefully there might not be time for blogging *sobs*

Nicki Sim

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