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Flavours. When it comes to making a choice about the flavour of some ice-creams or drinks, I have only three flavours in mind: Vanilla, grape and strawberry. As much as I like chocolates, I don't quite like chocolate ice-creams nor chocolate puddings.

For chocolates, let me have it authentic. Pure chocolate. Not molded into some other food. Ice-creams, I'll have them vanilla, thank you very much. Green tea ice-cream actually tastes pretty good too.

Cakes though. Cakes I'd go for coffee flavoured. Coffee-chocolate works. This sort of goes against what I just said in the above paragraph, but meh. Why not for cheese as well.

Oh the beauty of coffee
Drinks, however, I'll go for grape-flavoured. If coffee is available, I'd pick coffee over grape anytime. Fruit juices aside, I'd probably have a hard time deciding between coffee and milk. I love them both equally.

Well what the hell can I talk about for flavours anyway. Sometimes the daily prompts really leave me clueless about what to write.

Let's talk about chocolates then. Bitter chocolate wins all the time. Chocolates with berries in it I like pretty much as well, and milk chocolate is just okay. The only time I tried alcoholic chocolate I don't think it's any different from normal chocolates.

Given a chance I might like alcoholic beverages. But beer and wine so far I really do not like. D: So maybe not. It's nice however that they help us keep warm, with le fact that I get cold almost all the time. If minion's here I'd probably snuggle up to him all le time, in stink and after shower, sleeping and awake. 8) I like whatever cologne it is he's using.

To my man who feels the same way. 8)
Oh now I miss him. For le heck of it I actually told him that he looks hawt playing basketball with his shirt off and I shit you not he's really hawt and it feels awesome to fangirl over a guy who is already yours. My man. 8) All mine. Dear minion if you're reading this take note that as long as we are together you gotta take real good care of yourself because YOUR BODEY AND SOOUULLL IS MINE and I want you in the best condition when I marry you one day *over-attached gf expression*

*cough* Is it possible for le bf to be le favourite flavour? *cough*

So. Umm. Food.

The weirdest flavour of food I tried is probably just green tea ice-cream. I don't come across weird food much in Malaysia, you see. Nothing rare. All pretty normal.

Meanwhile here I have just unconsciously picked green apple flavoured Vitagen to drink. Pretty good. Green apples are not sour in cultured drinks like this. Red apple juice is probably my first choice when it comes to fruit juice though.

I'm done with le pointless rantings for today. 8)

Nicki Sim

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