There are times, when we feel helpless, and unable to control the situations that we lived in. Maybe you lost someone to confide in at the worst timing ever, or maybe you just got sick and couldn't do the daily chores and no one helped.

Today is one such day for me.

This helpless feeling is caused by something every girl faces. Period.

Some lucky girls out there don't really feel pain when their menstrual cycles hit them, but I am one of those that would have to take a break from whatever I was doing to curl up in a warm spot and try not to move until the pain in my lower abdomen subsides.

For you people out there that doesn't know what having period feels like, let's just say it feels as if someone's trying to pull your guts and twist it around in le lower abdomen. Maybe that person also occasionally hits your bowels, causing you to be unable to differentiate if you want to go to the washroom to take a shit or if it's just the menstrual pain. Usually, it's the latter. 

Talk about emotional turmoils le girl feels several days before le period and DURING it. Heck, I don't even need to elaborate much on this. Read the post I posted yesterday and you understand what I mean. You're perfectly fine one day, happy with everything around you and maybe five minutes later you get so emotionally low you just want to stay in bed and cry yourself to sleep. Maybe not. Maybe you would want to scream at the littlest noise and get angry at everything around you. Or you suddenly noticed that your boyfriend loves you so much you call him and crying, tell him you love him and will marry him and do his laundry.

Oh shit the period cramp is back.

Cravings. It happens, just like le myth. Although yes, I do have sudden cravings even when period is not involved, it's more evident when le period is there. I'd find myself suddenly wanting to drink fresh milk, have biscuits dipped in mushroom soup, or sometimes I might just feel like biting by towel. Whatever, really. Many types of cravings. Not just food. It may range from having someone to hug to wanting to kill a random person or just to rush off to le boyfie's place and give him a BJ. A girl on period gets horny. That's not myth.

Physical aspects then. Le bewbs hurt. Le back pain makes you feel like an old woman. You don't watch what cravings you satisfy during le period and you might end up being fatter by the end of the 7-days-or-so ordeal. You can't do too much exercises, because that would affect your period all the more. Extending le period, increasing le flow, whatever. Damn uterus trying to cut off the oxygen supply and kill itself.

Can being a girl get even more tiring? Oh yes it can. This is just le period. I haven't even started on pregnancy  and childbirth yet. *shudders*

... Ah, I won't be able to play much tomorrow. I'll be playing badminton with a bunch of friends tomorrow. Minion can't go, he got classes. But maybe I can go stalk him a little before I go out. :3 afhslkdjfhalf I miss him. He's gonna work hard this time, this silly guy of mine. Hopefully I'll be able to help him quite some. ... Although admittedly I may have forgotten up to 85% of what I learnt back in the first semester.

Meh, with at least 30 more years or so of facing this period thing, I just have to get used to it and accept it as a sign that I'm at least not pregnant and am fertile still.

Well I HAVE accepted it, it's just the thing about not being able to do anything about how I feel and stuff that kinds of annoy me. 

Ah crap I need my blanket.

Nicki Sim

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