So hi guys. This is Turtle reporting from her laptop. Last night I had some friends over. Jia Ying, Ryana, Cindy, Leo and Shah had enough time to come over for a visit after their day trip to KL. It was kind of spontaneous really.

Asked me if I was home, and when I told them that yes, I was, they said that they were coming over. And they did, around 8.30pm or so. 

Introducing: Ryana, Cindy, Jia Ying (top), Shah (bottom) and Leo
It's le bunch of friends I had in college. So yes OF COURSE I was happy to have them over 8) They are good people that I love in a homo way. My brothers and my sisters, although not related by blood. I may or may not have been there for them in times of their troubles, but they were always ready to lend an ear or a shoulder to lean on when I need someone to talk to.

They are loco hoomans. 8)

Upon arriving the first thing they did was to post a status with my Facebook account. Which is really sort of typical of them. Not like I minded 8)

There was le usual room exploration "THIS IS A FRIGGIN LIBRARY" "Dan Brown's books are awesome" "What nice books are there?" "Can I borrow that comic?"

And then there was this game, if that's what you call it, of letting the Pussy stay in the air while we hit it back and forth. ... It's a plush toy, for those who didn't know. But then my box of hair accessories are out and then... In short, we started taking a whole lot of photos and even videos. In total we actually took like 73 photos. The first one that we took, I accidentally switched on video mode and so there was this 3 or 4 seconds of awkwardness where they noticed that they were in fact, not posing for a photo. That video shall not be uploaded because images would be ruined. 8)

Commence the fabulizing with many hairclips and rubber bands and sunglasses and caps and hats. And got knows what else really. Too bad my laptop has problems with the mic really, because we danced and sang to 'Baby' and afterwards, Harlem Shake. And the audio recording sucked so bad I had to download le Harlem Shake song and edit the video so that the audio is actually clear. Then it's the laptop webcam resolution that's a little too low.
One can't have everything she wants on a hand-me-down laptop, I guess. xD

The videos too must not leak into le internet. WHAT GOES ON THE INTERNET STAYS ON THE INTERNET. And all our images will be RUUUIIINNNEEDDD. A call-out here to Leo who did the Harlem Shake really enthusiastically. And Shah, for le 'Baby' song. And all the 'backstage dancers' at the background who are also very... umm... Shall I say creative. Free entertainment nonetheless.

Ryana still has classes to attend the next day, and it was getting pretty late, so they went back around 10pm or so afterwards. 

BUT GUYS. THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING OVER. You guys must have been really tired after that day trip but still you guyz visited. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME HOOMANS DON'T LET ANYONE ELSE CONVINCE YOU OTHERWISE.

I love you guys k. 8)

Nicki Sim

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