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First off huzzah for minion and I having been together for a mere 2 months. 8) Almost didn't notice. To le minion who might not even notice this fact, I still love you anyway. =P

Bucket list. I'll try list up to 10 for now. As someone still so very young - only 18! - I don't quite have a really specific bucket list, but I might be able to work this one out nevertheless.

You can't just not love something like this.
1) Be a designer. I like those weirdly odd yet cute stuff and I hope to be able to create them one day and make a living out of it. It may be just designing and making plush toys, or maybe shirts or shops or even animations. Whatever, really. I do not want to stick to designing only one type of item.

2) Volunteer at SPCA or some other animal shelters from time to time. I love animals, and I would want to help take care of them if I really cannot adopt one. I'll probably adopt a dog one day instead of buying a puppy from a pet store. They need the care and company before they die.

3) Visit Japan and France. These two places I have always had an affinity for, and I can only hope that when I do get to visit, I'll have just enough monetary funds to bring my loved ones along. Family, or boyfriend (husband?) if I have one by then. ... WHY NOT BOTH FAMILY AND BOYFRIEND (Husband???). Alright, I'll settle with bringing both family and bf(hubby) once I get to go overseas like that.

I Need this in mai future home. Note this, minion.
4) Maybe, just maybe, open a small cafe-themed library. May or may not be open to public, but it shall be filled with the books I already have and will have in the future. Even better if my future husband loves books too, because we then get to share our books collection <3 No chance if minion turns out to be my husband though. He's not that much of a fan of books, much to my dismay. (It's ok baby I still love you, books or not. 8) )

5) Cross-dress completely one day in the future. Wigs, make-up and all. That means that I'll have to learn to use make-up, but I guess as a girl I will need to learn to do so one day in the future anyway, so why not. Even better if that future husband of mine agrees to cross-dress too for the heck of it.

6) Get drunk legally one day. Just to try how it feels like, hangover or not. I got curious after le minion told me about it. I don't like the taste of alcohol, but it can still work. After all, one day in the future I might turn out to like alcohol after all, although I really hope that it would not happen. Alcohol is not good. So imma just try getting drunk that ONCE. ONCE. With company, preferably le significant other. 8)

Won't it be nice to have photos to look through and
make you happy about le memories?
7) Make a compilation of photos of important life events once I get to be less awkward with le camera or camera phones. I like looking through photos, they prevent the memories from being lost that fast. Yet I am not quite the type that loves taking photo. If possible, I hope that I can start immediately with this. Starting with le minion, maybe. We have yet to take photos together because I was not quite comfortable with le camera ): But I need to try. For the sake of happy memories that I can think about in the future.

8) 8) 8) 8) 8) COOLFACE YES. Umm, okay. Learn a new language. As in like, mastering it, to the extent where le proficiency is just about like my English proficiency maybe. I like languages, whether or not I'll be using it in my life. But I believe that languages are always going to be used at some point in my life. For now, the language is either Japanese or French.

What if it means getting a tattoo though? OAO
9) Do something reckless, spontaneous or both with le significant other. If it means suddenly deciding to go travel in another state or country while sipping tea, then so be it. Anything. I'll be waiting for such decisions to happen. More so if I no longer need permission to go anywhere suddenly. Which means probably in my twenties.

10) Take a day and do absolutely nothing or ANYTHING I want to. Alone, with friends, with family, or whatever that I get by the time I can do this. Preferably it's doing NOTHING though. Like maybe just lying on the bed doing nothing and hust letting NOTHING happen for one whole day. Except maybe toilet breaks and eating. Whatever. I wanna do NOTHING for one whole day. Get the point?? 8)

Well, so that's about it for now. I am not even sure if this counts as a bucket list, but these are the things I would like to do or achieve at some point in my life.

Nicki Sim

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