Let it Go

I have been hearing the parody version of 'Let it Go' in my mind a lot recently, and today I have finally summoned enough balls to record myself actually singing it out loud. No, I did not record myself singing it, but this is still something. 8)

Hereby attached is the video of me singing this that parody version. However, I must admit that yes, the lyrics are taken from what's viral in Tumblr, and I did put in one extra line and I changed a word or two. My voice was kinda shaky. =P

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Why all these suddenly? Let's just say that I have been feeling down for quite some time already, and I foresee worse stuff coming up. I'm still here blogging yes, but that's just a way of distracting myself for now. 

Let it go?

Can I? Am I mentally prepared enough to do this? 

It will all depend on what happens next. If possible, of course I hope I won't have to let anything go at all. Despite all that's happening I still love him after all. I'm not the type of girl that would give up on a relationship so easily. I would prefer trying to get him back, make him stay, and after some time, show him that no, it's not that tough to maintain a relationship after all. 

If only he feels the same. What is he really trying to tell me? That the relationship is over? That I don't talk to him in the way a normal girlfriend does? That we are not fit for each other?

I have no idea. I wish he would tell me. But he wants me to find out on my own. 

And God knows how long that might take. I'm a very slow person when it comes to relationships. I still need every words to be phrases in their exact meanings. I won't know if what he means behind his words is good or bad. This is where I fail as a girlfriend, maybe, other than my lack of initiatives. 

I'm sorry.

Nicki Sim

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