Music, Mood and Activities

Music. Something that soothes the soul and tends to your emotions. 

It's really your choice of what to listen to when you are feeling happy or down. But I believe that there are times when certain types of music are suitable and some not, depending on what you are doing. Let's see. Based on what I know about music. Which is quite little really.


Songs, as in, those with lyrics that you can actually sing to at the karaoke. This type of music I really don't think is suitable for studying or reading, unless your brain can prevent you from writing down the lyrics to the song in your notebook or focus on trying to comprehend the lyrics and sing along to it while you are reading. Better not listen to these while you are doing something that needs FOCUS.

Awesome to listen to while you are feeling really down though. When I get upset I listen to sad songs and I curl into a human burrito and just let the sadness flow through me. My choice of songs to listen to when sad ranges from Hey Delilah to Seven Devils.

I guess it works for when you are happy as well. Listen to those happy happy songs and they make you feel hyper, maybe. I listen to Lenka's songs when happy. 8) The thing is, SONGS. LYRICS. They can give you the FEELS. Consume in healthy doses.


Composed music. Piano. Violin. Guitar. Instrumentals. If you want, go include space drums and glass harps and even music boxes. Your choice. Turtle here loves listening to the celtic music provided at This website provides quite a number of stations for you to listen to according to your mood and choice of music.

I find this music unbearable when I am feeling angry. I get annoyed and instrumentals make my mood worse. It is nice to listen to, however, when you are calm and waiting to fall asleep while reading or drawing on your bed. Instrumentals tend to give a soothing vibe - why they fail to cheer me up when I am angry I will never understand. Best listened to when calm. I like listening to instrumentals when I am doing housework or drawing. I'd draw dark stuff though. D:

Tune in to the right music and you feel like a happy Cinderella mopping the floor. No guarantees. Might just be my imaginations.


OF COURSE Techno must be mentioned. Especially Trance and Dubstep because I like these two. Electro's not bad, hardstyle I used to like but now not anymore. Other genres of electronic dance music (EDM) I have not explored much.

Techno may have its music way too repetitive, the beats and all, that may bore the listeners at some point. But you can't deny that this music is what you listen to when you are trying not to fall asleep when doing whatever you were doing. I listen to techno music when working and trying to ignore my surroundings which might have been too noisy for me. Plug in, play dubstep, ignore the world. Pretty much what I do to seek solace in my daily life. 

Dubstep, especially, it gives me the BOOST needed when I work. Speaking of which, I am not listening to any music now and I feel sort of terrible. But I'm also a bit too lazy to lift my big arse off the chair to get my earphones in my room which is possibly about 10 footsteps away.

So yes, these are the types of music that I am going to mention in this post. What kind of music do you guys listen to when you are doing certain activities? Is there a whole new type of music that you think needs to be mentioned more in the music industry? Comments are welcome!

Nicki Sim

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