My Favourite

What's my favourite time spent apart from my favourite human? Well, that's like basically everyday of my life, we don't quite get to meet, le minion and I.

My favourite way of spending the time without him would then be just sitting in front of the laptop, blogging maybe, and waiting for the familiar Facebook chat sound which I hope is from him.

But one would get bored of staying in front of the laptop for too long, after all, and soon I'd turn to reading or drawing. Usually reading. I prioritize reading when I'm bored. 

Sometimes I'd just drop everything I was doing, hold the minion plush toy and just hug it till I feel better. If anything, hugs are the most effective at making things better after all. 

Mental note to hug minion when I see him on le 8th. ... I'll get to see him on that day, right? *crosses fingers* I miss his everything~!!! EVERYTHING. 

He's been busy. He started college again today. We chat very little these days. Probably even less now that the classes have started and he's making new friends out there. Entering my paranoid mode, he might find really pretty girls there and forget about me because he gets to meet her like daily but I can't even entertain him. Being with his friends he'll probably really just not contact me most of le time. But he said loves me, so that's okay. I love mai idiot too. 

So he's not with me. The easiest way to forget this fact would be to draw. Thus my favourite way of spending time away from him is probably by drawing. 

Nah no not really i dont have a favourite time away from my favourite human. This is what sucks about being in a relationship because you rely on them waaayyy too much. Makes you vulnerable, weak, and prone to emotional damages. 

I forgot how it felt like to love someone, and now that I do I become that paranoid person who needs companionship at all times. No better than an over-attached ogre. I wish that I'm pretty, I wish that I converse better, I wish that I have what is needed to keep him mine. It's all probably just me being paranoid, he's busy, that's all, yet I can't help feeling as if he's getting bored of me. I don't know how to keep him interested.

A simple message or call from him would always clear off the paranoid feelings. It'll probably all get better once I get to talk to him again. PMS sure is tiring, all these mood swings and stuff. *tsk tsk*

Nicki Sim

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