My Kindergarten Memory

Now. My sister and I went to the same kindergarten, where we had our first few doses of bad memories.The one that I went to was called 'Taska the Little Home'. It's name has now changed, and it has been a very long while since I last visited that place. I failed to find information about this place online. D:

Our headmistress, we called her Teacher Jo. There were three classes only, which are known as 'Pikachu', 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Hello Kitty'. I was in the Pikachu class.

To be honest I'm a little surprised that I still remember these details from when I was only 5 to 6 years old.

I did not quite behave like a proper girl back when I was a child. I was very rough. The kindergarten, after listening to my mum's request, allowed me to wear the boys' uniform. Shirt and shorts instead of a dark blue dress. I was the only girl that did that in my class. *laughs*

The perks of going being there especially during the break time was that there was an exclusive playground for us. The play things there were not quite like what you see in normal playgrounds though. There's these stuff:

1) My favourite. Imagine a swing. Replace the swing-pad with a long plank that allows many people to play on it at once. 

2) A slide. But with metal rungs for you to climb up. Imagine a big metal cube you can climb up on and then slide downwards.

We are focusing on the second one today. Let's call it a climbing slide.

One very fateful day during a lunch break I went to play at the climbing slide. 

I climbed up and sat at the slide, pausing perhaps several seconds too long before I went down the slide because some kid - I have no idea who he or she is even now - pushed me down the slide.

Let me tell you this. The floor was not smooth cement. It was something like the road. Rough pebbles. 

 So when I fell, I went head-first towards the ground. Had the slide been longer I might have hit the ground with greater momentum. But still, the distance was enough for me to hit my head on the ground and I experienced blacking out for the first time in my life at the age of 5 or 6. Can't remember which year exactly.

I blacked out for several seconds and sat up. 

I saw the kindergarten nurse rushing towards me. Yeah, the kindergarten was quite small, but we had a foreign nurse that helped to cook our meals and take care of us. I believe she was Indonesian.

Then the pain hit me. 

Turns out that during that short fall from the slide I earned myself one huge patch of injury under my left eye. I guess I was lucky since my eyes did not get hurt. 

The nurse pressed a pack of ice at my injuries and being the brat I was, I made a scene shouting and crying. But to justify myself it hurt more when ice was applied k.

My mum was horrified  when Teacher Jo fetched me home that afternoon. 

The next few weeks I still had scab over my face and whenever we had family vacations and we had to take photographs, I had to hide half my face behind my sister or someone else so that the injuries won't show on the photo.

It took a really long time to heal, because back then I peeled all the scabs I had on my body. =P But I'm glad to say that no scars were left on my face. 8) 

Nicki Sim

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