So 16th of January 2013 was le day when I got to go out with Leo and Naomi; or as how I called them back then in this blog, KT and NW. We went to Starbucks at Jusco Tebrau to meet up, and I arrived about 1 hour earlier than I was supposed to.

Upon le arrival of KT and NW, NW and I went to buy milk to drink. For le sake of bewbs. NW also got herself something from starbucks as well. Okay, admittedly the first 20 minutes or so was sort of awkward because we weren't really saying anything much. We did take photos though. NW drew this Chinese Illuminati thing on her starbucks cup. It's like le illuminati logo, but with a squinted eyes. Cause we are all Asians and we happen to have small eyes 8)

We went to the bookstore afterwards, all 3 of us, all bibliophiles. 

Here's when we sat in le young adults bookshelf area and it was quite narrow, this section. NW sat at my left and KT sat at my right. Then they had le talk. The talk to solve all the leftover questions after a couple breaks up. I couldn't quite escape. Narrow walkway. Well I read a little from this book and that, and soon the ordeal was over and I'm glad to say that the tension between the two more or less disappeared. They soon started talking like how normal friends would.

Afterwards we left Jusco, KT wanted to get something for Vick, a schoolmate. That's how I ended up in college around 3.30pm. I went looking for Cavan, but he was having a class and I just talked to KT and NW for a while before heading to the hostel to greet Ryana, Jia Ying, Cindy and Vick. And some korean humans hanging around then.

We went for lunch. All three of us bought the same drink: coffee float, iced. I like coffee, I like ice-cream. COMBO. <3 KT and NW ate their lunch or dinner there though.

I stayed in college after that, in hopes that I get to see Cavan. Wanted to make sure that he was really okay. He was feeling really sick last night, and that made me worry for him even more. He was not feeling like himself, so he said. Our conversations are still in short sentences, made up of not more than 10 words. But if he says he's okay, I'll just believe him for now. I don't want him to get annoyed.

I did get to see him when he was going back home at 5.30pm. I saw him sitting in the front row in class. :3 Ah, he had to rush to fetch his mum though. Busy as usual, this guy of mine. Left quickly. He did give me a quick pat on mai head however. That's something. And he actually gave me a shock when he 'BOO'-ed me as he walked back to his car. Why oh why is he so cute. *Inner screaming "I need jour lurve"*

Anyway. KT, NW and I hung around le courtyard for a while more and I then decided once more to go find my hostel friends. I MISSED THEM SO MUCH. Listening to the Korean people speak Korean to one another is still quite a thrill. NW got to know Ryana and Jia Ying. Afterwards I just went home.

I got to know NW more from this meeting. She's actually okay to communicate with - not as tough as I thought it'd be. I realized that there's so much more I needed to learn about relationships and communications etc. Cavan and I may have some problems now, but I try to think positively and see this as what stress does to him. It may have been partly my fault, but if he doesn't want me to bother him for now, so be it. I'll be waiting. I still love him anyway, and thus want him to feel alright again.

Nicki Sim

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