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Imagine glitters all over quotes like this too
I can't quite remember where I read this quote from, but I would think of it when I get angry.

"If I'm right, why should I be angry? and if I am wrong, why should I be angry?"

I say it to myself three times when I wake up, and four times before sleeping, like a mantra, just to remind myself not to get angry or upset over nothing. Saying something to yourself repeatedly would have a hypnotizing effect over you, helping you to change yourself for the better.

Nah just kidding bruh, I ain't into quotes.

I see one, read one, then scroll past it and I'm done.

My personal quote though. More like something that I say very often to myself or anyone else when I'm out of stuff to reply, "Anything la hor." I don't quite have any other responses to whatever that comes my way in life really. 

I got hungry, and there's no food in the fridge that I can eat. Anything la hor.
Missing le minion and not knowing when we're both free to meet each other. Anything la hor.
Torrenting speed drops to 3KB/s from the already-low 40KB/s. Anything la hor.
I feel so loonnneeelyyyyy where's mah minion when I need him.
Anything la hor.

I'll say those three words in a high-pitched voice, sometimes waving mai flippers in le air like some kind of frantic bird. 

Somehow it does calm me down a little, saying those three words. Relieves some of the stress. 

Hey, what if this quote becomes a famous reply one day though. I would be able to proudly say that I started this trend. 8) Right from this blog of Tatoru Yuki's Rantings. 

So uh, in mai current PMS-ing mood-swinging mode, I would like to end this blog post on

you guessed it, le Tatoru Yuki's quote,


Nicki Sim

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