From today onwards I'll probably be blogging based on Wordpress's e-book 365 Days of Writing Prompts. The writing prompt today is about New Year resolutions and whether or not I have kept to any of it.

So let's see. I did not actually know much about new year resolutions until maybe two or three years ago when I saw people saying things like, "New Year, New Me," "I'm going to change for a better person this year", so on and so forth.

New Year Resolution Priorities: STUDIES
But my resolutions, if any, are mostly about studies and I have kept true to them up to date.

I'd resolve at the beginning of the year to study hard and make my parents proud and although this resolution might falter a little after several weeks I'd get back to it once the examinations are in sight. Either that, or seeing my classmates getting competitive and starting to study really early in the year.

That'd usually get me going.

Books in general, but probably more to novels.
The next resolution that I remember making since a long time ago is probably to get and read more books. This year, I made it a target to read 30 books. I probably have enough books to last me up to 2 years, so unless another book sale is in sight, I might not get new books just yet.

It's Day 2 of 2014, and I'm probably just hours away from finishing the first book.

I have always been an avid reader in my family and among my friends, and I surely do hope that I would continue being one for a long time yet.

This would be quite an easy resolution, I believe.

Waiting for my artistic abilities to become something
as shown in the image D:
Now, I am not quite sure if this is a resolution or not, but I would keep in mind to try improve my drawings, colourings etc. You know, artsy stuff. I can't quite keep track on whether I have improved or went back for the worse as I don't usually keep my own drawings, but I make it a point to go a step further when I try drawing in a new perspective or mindset.

You can't really resolve to improve your drawings, or can you?? Hmmm. Maybe I can make that my resolution for THIS year.

I'll try. I can't promise that I would improve, but I will definitely try. I noticed that I am not good when it comes to colouring and especially so when the colour involves WHITE. White is an essential colour when you want to make something more 3D-ish or realistic. I'll probably start from this then.

Nothing really beats seeing a happy puppy
A resolution that I hope I would be able to keep this year is to keep le minion smiling and happy. Just two days ago he visited me and the way he smiles just reminds me of a happy little puppy. My mum just gave me a small talk last night while I was washing the dishes, and in a summary she said something like this, "Don't go to the guy, wait for him to come over. Meeting too often in a relationship would make it boring, things would be easily expected. Just look at how happy both of you were this morning. That's a great feeling, isn't it?" For once I did not find loopholes in her speech, although I still want to have a day out with le minion.

You know, I am not even sure if this thing between us is going to last long, being the paranoid person I am, but I want all the best for him while we are together, and perhaps most of all I really want to see him smiling.

It's the best feeling ever to see the one you love smiling. Ah, he's already on the trip to Melaka. I wish him a safe and fun journey.

I wonder if it's possible to post something everyday, at the very least, with the guide of the Daily Prompt.

Shall I make myself resolved to keep this last resolution as well? Hmmm. :)

Nicki Sim

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