Take Two

Daily prompt: "Run outside. Take a picture of the first thing you see. Run inside. Take a picture of the second thing you see. Write about the connection between these two random objects, people or scenes."

Now I'm really lazy to go out of my room. If I were to get out of my room the first thing I see would be a row of three computers and a printer and a scanner. The first thing I see upon getting inside my room would be my bed and the very huggable minion plush toy on it. The second thing would be the laptop and the mess on my table.

There's no connection between what I saw really, so instead I take a picture of my favourite object in the room - the bookshelf, and this second thing I saw in my room - le table and laptop etc.

There's quite a big connection between these two objects here.

To start with: They pretty much are the things that I go to when I need a break. I'll pick a random comic or novel and start reading till I fall asleep, or I seek entertainment on my laptop. 

I might resort to drawing from time to time, but I really prefer just reading myself to sleep.

Le bookshelf. Oh, initially it was half-filled with academic books and comics. The academic stuff have now been removed, and in a few months the bookshelf might be full with the novels I bought. 

As for the laptop. All my joy. I have my games, my musics, and my (foreveralone face) friends in it. 8) I get tired of electronics, I find the bookshelf. I want something electronic, I seek the laptop. That's it really.

The so-said big connection between le two objects, as it turns out, is not that big after all. 

Now this is really yet another pointless ranting. I'm just writing crap here. D: Now if someone kidnaps Cavan and bring him to me I would be so happy. 

Nicki Sim

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