Teacher's Pet

Left to right: Jia Ying, Leo, me, Ryana and Shah.
Shah and I. I was wearing two glasses. xD
Allow me to start a little off-topic. Today, my friends and I went playing badminton for about 3 to 4 hours. We met at college around 12.30pm and had lunch at The Toast before going back to college for a while and starting off. 

The plan was that I go with minion wherever we wanna go after that, but turns out that he has some family stuff and couldn't stay with me for today. Kind of a disappointment really because I missed him so bad and finally got to meet him. At least he came over when we had lunch and when we were getting ready to get back to college after the badminton session. Got a little of my disappointment away by hitting him =P He's nice to punch, this guy of mine. =P

Ryana focusing on le game 8)
As it turns out, because of what I typed in my blog my friends thought I was having a rough patch with le minion. But really, aside from the fact that we don't quite get to meet much, we're having a totally awesome relationship. :3 All of these just reminds me to cherish him more, you see.

We ended up going to Starbucks afterwards, as you can see in le photo shown at le top of le post. Played cards, had coffee, and I went back around 10.45pm.

So, teacher's pet. Talking of my favourite teacher and how he or she changed my life (for better or worse), I gotta be talking about my Biology lecturer in Sunway College JB, Ms Thian. At first she struck me as an offensive lady of a teacher, being fierce and sarcastic and all that.

But after some time, it turns out that her way of teaching got us to focus in her classes completely and we stopped asking stupid questions. We do what she wants us to do - finish her assignments on time, remember our facts, learn more than what she taught us - and we are fine. In fact, we soon decided that she was our favourite lecturer despite her words that may hurt sometimes. xD

4 out of 7 Biology students in out intake
If anything she may have taught me not to take words too literally. Instead, I should look for the meanings under the surface.

She also reminded all of us biology students of hers that success really does come after hardship. She didn't even mind us hating her the first few weeks or even months of her teaching us. She did what she knew was the best for us, and by the time we were  taking our finals and collecting our examination results, we loved her and thanked her so much for what she did for us. 

In fact currently I am still drawing some stuff for her as a way to pay back. She motivates her students at the last few lessons of the semesters with speeches and prayers that we didn't know she was capable of. Somehow, the prayer that she said for us during the first semester still touched my heart. The drawings I'm doing for her? She's using those to motivate the next batch of students. I'm more than willing to do this job, knowing that the students would already have loved her by then and would be motivated to do the best in their finals. Proud to have the honour of doing this. 8)

Nicki Sim

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