Toot your horns

Today's daily prompt is to tell what I like about myself instead of what I don't like about myself. The latter is easier really, at this day and time, because I'm currently in a self-hating phase.

But let's see.

To start with, I like how I communicate with people I am close with. I can talk how I want to, they won't judge me. At least, not while I was there.

I also kinda like mai oddness. I may be odd. I may be weird. but that's what that makes me feel special when I feel low sometimes.

I like to take weird photos. Weird facial expressions, weird clothes, weird edits. whatever. I like being weirder than an average girl that would take duck-face photos and make up and take photos that would show their cleavages.

I like my ability to cover up how I feel in public. My close friends would know if I am just faking being happy, but to those that doesn't know, they are most likely to only find out when I tell them. Only le closest friends know how I feel or what happened in times of trouble. I disturb my best friends in times like this. 8)

What else do I like about myself???? *thinks*

I like that I love books. I like that I am loyal to my boyfriend. I like that I am able to draw something beautiful when I am sad or angry.

I like myself because I am fabulous.

I like me because being me means that I can sing off-tune loudly at home whenever I feel like it and I can dance le octopus dance all le way from my room to my mum wherever she is when she summons me.

Being me means saying "THAT'S IT NO MORE FRIES NO MORE CHIPS IMMA WORKOUT" and then giving up 5 push-ups later.

I like me when I am not moody. I can be a good friend to those who cares.

I like my attachment to blogging. It keeps me sane when I feel low, and I get to express myself. From time to time, I get to share my thoughts with my friends.

I like how I stayed strong throughout what little had happened to me. I was able to move on from my mistakes in my life. For that, and for being still alive and not involved in immoral activities out there, I am proud of myself.

You know what, I think I actually like myself quite some. I can be an awesome turtle if I put my heart and mind into it 8)

Nicki Sim

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