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Dat feymouz globe
Event based on le adventures we had on le 5th of February 2014, Wednesday. Here's the promised post, written a day late because by the end of the day when I arrived home and showered it was already about 1 am and my legs were really way too exhausted for me to stay awake. The deal was to meet at 10.00 a.m. at the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore. I got up at 7 and was expecting le friend Vick to fetch me around 8 or 8.30a.m. 

Picture taken while queuing for merry-go-round!
To start off the day, Vick was late. Assumed he slept in for quite some time, he reached my place around 9.00 a.m. with a friend of Cindy's (sorry bruh I forgot your name already). One of le highlights during that trip was that guy asking me like, "How's Cindy and Cavan?" after Vick introduced Cindy as our mutual friend. I wasn't quite sure how to reply to this, he seems clueless, so I just played along and replied, "Okay loh. Not bad lah." 

Beep Beep 8)
His reaction expression when he was told that I was Cavan's current girlfriend was kinda priceless. xD Turns out that the dude is currently an NTU student. I have someone to ask stuff to if I do get accepted into this university. 8) Vick drove fast, we were at the customs within half an hour. The trip, by normal driving speeds, would take over an hour from my place. O.o" Reaching le customs at 0930 I really thought that we might make it in time to reach USS by 10a.m.. Maybe like 15 minutes late because if Singapore's speed limits. He dropped his friend off at le NTU residency and then from then onwards we were pretty much lost because we didn't know the way. My phone did not have this roaming mode, so I couldn't call anyone and had to use Vick's phone to contact my cousin who works at USS to get some directions.
Photobombed by Jonathan xD
Let's just say that we made like 2 or 3 phone calls and traveled pretty much around the whole Singapore - Jurong, Changi, even Marina Bays, before we reached the Sentosa area where we were both whooping like "YOOOO FINALLY THE SENTOSA ROADSIGN OMG HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN". And we spent another, like, 15 minutes or so looking for the parking and stuff. AAANNNDDD finally around 12pm we were at USS entrance.

There was quite some excitement at seeing this whole USS place again. Le places where pictures were taken when I came here last November. That famous globe-thing. The board-walk. The shops. Nothing much was different, only that this time instead of coming to this place with Cavan and his friends, this time I am with my own group of friends. We waited for Ryana and the others to come over and hand us out tickets and then we went in to grab some food. I guess they got hungry since it was already afternoon. I didn't eat.

Places like this be pwettyyyy
Afterwards we played some of le games, le first one having to do with movies and after-effects. Then there's this 4D Transformer animation thing which was really cool and awesome, and then le roller-coaster that we called le 'Mummy' which was SUPER FUN with backwards motion and super speed and all - we played that about 8 times in total because it was that fun. We got to see le photo taken halfway through the ride.

This USS place was organized, with sections in that place like 'Jurassic Park', 'Far Away Land', dat Madagascar place, 'Sci-fi', and Water Park and some other places that I might already have forgotten.

There were many places to take nice photos, and once in a while we'd see some famous cartoon figures - we saw Betty Bop, Po from Kung Fu Panda, le minions, Egypt figures, Oscar from Sesame Street, and some others. Didn't take pictures though, because le queue for photos is always pretty long and the place itself is already awesome enough to take pictures at.

They later took photos Counter-strike style. xD
We even got to see this performance at le water park place around 4pm. The girl main character was kinda hot and the guys are delicious-looking 8) Le storyline was pretty good, and the whole play included firing blanks, fireworks, some fire and even water splashing at the soak zone (front rows) that led to the viewers getting really soaked through. We sat at the splash zone (only a few droplets of water if any at all were aimed at us) where we got pretty much a good view of le play without getting wet.

This Marche place is beautiful as well.
Potatoes all around. 8D
Note Jia Ying's fabulous hair at le left side.
We played till about 5pm or so when Jonathan had to go back home early, and we then went on the Mummy ride for a few more times before we headed to le Vivo mall via le monorail for free.

We ate at Marche, where delicious food is served around S$ 5++, enough to fill a stomach. Ryana and I had a large mushroom soup with bread crumbs for $6.20, and she bought another bread for about S$2. Vick ordered baby potatoes which TASTED REALLY AWESOME and he shared this cheese pasta pizza thing with Jia Ying.

They complained and argued about who it was that put more cheese than necessary on it, causing the dish to taste way too creamy. Expensive as it was when the price was converted to RM values, it was indeed delicious and we enjoyed that.

Dat orgasmic moment of sitting down on le walkalator
when our feet are so, so tired.
Then it was le shopping at clothes stores, although we were all pretty tired by then. I couldn't bring myself to buy any clothes because the prices were like S$20 and I really am not the type of girl that buys clothes when going to the mall.

Ryana and Jia Ying bought quite some though, and meanwhile Vick and I molested le models' nice butts.

He was all like "You gotta smack it, then slowly pinch it upwards."

I was content with just feeling dat plastic booty all over.

Well after le shopping was done with as well we headed back to USS to get to Vick's car. The night view was really beautiful, and I didn't get a photo of that because my phone is just. Well. We went to Ryana's place - a 2-storey apartment to rest for a bit and Ryana cooked ramen for Vick and Jia Ying (I had cup noodles). There they faced some troubles with the Steam account they wanted to use to play Counter Strike with. By the time the account is retrieved, Vick and I had to leave to go back to Malaysia.

We got back around 12am when he fetched me to KSL and my dad was waiting there. 8) Reached home around 1, showered, rested mah tired legs and THE END OF LE DAYYYY.

Nicki Sim

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