Being productive at home = Impossible

Truth to be told, I'm actually quite a lazybum and a huge procrastinator. You can give me an easy assignment to do within 4 months and I'll still only have it done at the final week or even day because There Are Too Much Distractions.
Productiveness at home = - 100

Such as my lovely laptop and le even lovelier internet.

I don't know, maybe it's being too comfortable or being at home that pushes all the motivations to work away. Home is the place we relax, and so, nope, it's not quite the best or most productive place for you to work or study. At least, I know that it's not for me. 

Mai level of productiveness at home might as well be like -100.

You send me off to type an e-mail to someone and I might just end up being on Facebook, completing one or two digital drawings and making one blog post. I can finish other less important stuff than my work when I'm at home. x)

I like the idea of having to move around instead of just sitting at a place for hours when I work. Even better, working with minimal human interaction but also get to walk around. 

I have been interviewed at a nearby tuition center today, for teaching Physics and possibly Chemistry to 17-year-old humans. I'm teaching in Malay, English or both because not all students are Chinese. Then I asked if there were any vacancies in a Popular bookstore nearby as well, since the tutoring job will only take up to 4 hours in one week. In fact, it's all done within 1 day.

Mum suggested that I work at home, do home tutoring when I am not outdoors working. That would earn me quite some money also. Might as well start saving for a car of my own, I suppose. But university funds first. Cars, apartments - those come later. New phones only when my current phone is broken. Priorities.

How I might end up studying tonight xDD
Well, since I have taken up this tutoring job, I think it's high time I leave my laptop to be alone for several hours while I go back to studying. Ah, to be studying with purpose once again. x)

Although, yes. I am doubting that I will not procrastinate that as well.

I mean, look. I'm blogging now am I not xD

But yes, studying is fun and I'll tend to it when I am offline after this =) 

Do you guys manage to get any work done where you feel comfortable? At the couch, maybe? Or in front of the TV or laptop? There's gotta be a place where you find yourself unable to focus long enough to work efficiently, ain't there? xD

Nicki Sim

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