Busy Times are OVER

Finally the days of visiting places are over (sort of). Only visited grandparents' place today and for once, was back home before night time. =) 

Day 5. Finally got to wear JEANS after
5 days of CNY!!!
Spent the day trying to draw nice stuff on my tablet to present to moi laling. 

And trying to play this intriguing game called 'Flappy Bird' for which its high score I only got like 10 so far. I only played for 15 minutes before I sort of gave up on it. 

Putting that off until later.

Meanwhile I'm gonna go calculate mai red packet money after my sister is done with her shower. I can just use that money to go to Universal Studio Singapore tomorrow. 

Now, how are you guys faring for Chinese New Year? Gotten fat from all those delicious snacks yet? Face sore from all the smiling? What about all le relatives, did you manage to remember how to address each and every one of them? 

Today, I shall be sleeping early. I have to wake up early tomorrow for a long, fun day ahead. 8) There hasn't been much that I can blog about today, but I will make it up with tomorrow's post which might be posted the day after because I'll be back home after midnight, most probably. xD I wish Cavan's going though, D: *sigh, sigh* 

Nicki Sim

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