Cindy and Shah's Surprise Birthday Celebrations!!

Met and got to know a few strangers! 10th February 2014 8)

So last night I managed to finish the project I was making and have it all uploaded and stuff. Then around 6pm or so, Leo asked me if I wanted to go for le surprise birthday party for Shah and Cindy. 

Heck. Mai friends. Surprise birthday parties are awesome. And Leo offered to bring me there if transport is my problem. So I asked my mum and uh. She objected. Because of some religious stuff and her past experiences and it's night time anyway.

He personally came over to mai place afterwards anyway and sorta persuaded my mum into allowing me to go out. Well, Cindy was going to Kuala Lumpur from today onwards anyway, since her studies are going to start next Monday, and it's very likely that she won't be coming back till the end of the year.

Shah, Jia Ying, and several others are going as well, I do believe. It's just that they would be coming back afterwards without Cindy. Well I ain't giving up le chance to meet this best girl bud of mine before she goes to KL this easily!

Leo waited for mai dad to settle with his stuff first, and told me meanwhile that since he was late anyway, other than getting le pizzas he was bringing me there as a surprise to le friends there. 

It ended up with Dad fetching me there, following Leo, around 8pm. Stopped at Setia Tropika to get 4 boxes of pizza.

Arrived around 9pm, at Noel's place. I didn't actually know Noel AHAHAHAH but well. Humans get to know each other, so it's okay.


Shah: 12th February. Cindy: 28th February.
Early celebrations~! Happy Birthday, people!
Secret Recipe's cake that was later wasted on human skin.
Commence le pizza-eating and photo-snapping. Well, awesome humans are awesome. I kinda got to know these two other girls who are fun. (Siew Fen and Shu Yuan right??) 

Apparently both Cindy and Shah thought that they were celebrating le other person's birthday. So when le cake was out and we started singing the birthday song which was for both Shah and Cindy, they looked sorta lost.

Suddenly, cake. Water balloons.

I wondered why I didn't think that there would be cake-throwing or water balloons at this birthday party meant for two. Because there IS, and I managed to escape being caked with a phone in my hand just capturing pictures and videos (mostly shaky cause the hoomans in it weren't really ready) for a while before I got a bit on my face and at my back. Thankiu for le chocolate cake cream massage, Leo. =w=" 

Mine was NOTHING compared to what le birthday duo got on their face and hands and even shirts etc. Shah even got Carlsberg poured on him. 

In short, they looked really messy and smelled of cream. AND WATER BALLOONS MADE IT ALL BETTER BECAUSE THEY WERE THEN WET AND DIRTTEEEHHHH. 8DDDD Which is what that defines a really awesome birthday party.

Me and mai bitches. 8) Nah. Just an all-girls photo. xD
 From left (ignore le two guys at le back): Esther, Ryana, Jia Ying, me, Cindy, Shu Yuan and Siew Fen.
Guys at back: Weng Kit and Shah. 
With all le mess of course we then had to take a shower. Just to wash off le oil, y'know. Suffice to say that while all le girls were in le same bathroom and washed themselves with their shirts off (some even pants off? Was there???) I had my share of boobs view for le day. 8) <3 Pretty. 

After all that fun le guys were washing le floor to get rid of ell le icky cakes and we girls just camwhore more (Ahahah sorry guys XD). I went back home shortly after that, around 11pm. 

'Twas a fun day. Thank you, humans, for having me over. I love you guys. 8) Have a fun birthday celebration (for le real dates!) afterwards and take care meanwhile!!

Nicki Sim

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