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Daily Prompt: Explain why you chose your blog's title and what it means to you.

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So, a blog post about my own blog. Okay, no problem.

When I opened this blog back on the 5th of August 2013, I already had ANOTHER blog running on a long hiatus - 5 years. I deleted that one, since it was sort of a project for my Computer Club when I was 14 in school. It was no longer useful to me.

I decided to make a new blog so that I would have something to do to fill up my time with. Blogging is better than playing games 24/7 on le laptop after all, is it not?

The reason behind this name "Tatoru Yuki's Rantings" blog name is simple, really. 
Earning views, followers, comments and +1's through my daily rants!

I opened this blog to rant. Rant, rant, rant. Talk about what's happening around me, or to me. Things I don't post on Facebook because I need more space and pictures to illustrate the story I want to tell others.

Maybe as a place where I get to earn some attention or something.

Tatoru Yuki, because I have been known as Turtle, Yuki or Nicki among my friends. I like le Japanese culture, their songs, anime series, their technology and weird-ass innovations. 

Turtle Yuki, when translated to Japanese, would be Tatoru Yuki. So why not show my love for le Japanese stuff though my blog name? 

Tatoru Yuki's Random Thoughts? Tatoru Yuki, Her Odd Highness? Tatoru Yuki's Many Complains?

But then this blog would work as my online diary, and that means there might be events both happy and sad in this blog.

So I settled for Tatoru Yuki's Rantings.

Opening this blog, I didn't quite expect the blog views that I get daily when I post. When this first started, I got only about 5 views or so a day. With Bloglovin and my followers, I now have an average of 15 to 20+ views a day. 

To those that took their time to read through my rants and many thoughts, I thank you very much. =) I guess this teenager going on 19 this year will never quite run out of things to talk about. =P 

Nicki Sim

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