Eat, Sleep, Live

Recently I have not been feeling quite well, not wanting to eat and still can't sleep before 2 or 3 a.m.. It's this eating thing that troubled me more since I am aware that I have not been eating enough for le nutrients and whatnot.

I drink water a lot, and sleep for 8 hours or more a day (although, admittedly, only after 2 a.m.) 

I have been sharing lunch and dinner with my sister these past few days and I woke up after breakfast time.

Okay. So I'm not sick enough to be unable to take a
selfie for this blog post and #100happydays.
So probably I deserved being sick. =P

I'd rant at many of my friends for not taking care of themselves and tell them to drink lots of warm water, sleep early that night, eat despite their appetite but being not-so-healthy now myself, I understand how it feels to not want to eat. D: and how sometimes despite how tired we all are, we just can't sleep.

Being sick only means that my daily activities are more LIMITED though. Less hours on the internet, more spent in bed with a nice book cuddling with le minion plush toy, play le radio, then go to le piano, and at night, do some stretching activities and try sleep as early as I can.

Take care, my readers. Prevention is better than cure, so try not to get sick at all.

Meanwhile, I'll just log off for now and write better content tomorrow! Back to le book and piano. =)

Nicki Sim

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