Far From Normal

Daily Prompt: Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting or just plain odd things about yourself.

Hmmm. I do consider my life just boring and probably the same with everyone else's. Six points? Challenge accepted.

1. I am not as calm as I may seem

I naturally look calm or expressionless, maybe even grumpy. But that's just how I look.

However, behind this 'expressionless' thing, for all you know I may be high thinking about gay smex or how to kill my boyfriend. 

My mind is very... scattered, so to speak though most of the time while I may look as normal as the girl sitting next to you in class. If my thoughts were to be penned down, it would be something like:

his voice sharp knives wanna play the piano work money studies i need you distract don't feel what if he's not there smell blood water's running am I real does she hate me what is life need him need him need him kill him love him... ...

2. I'm not smart. I'm super slow.

Saying this, because many of my friends and even some of my family members think that I am smart. I am not. I work hard, and that's it. I have to work real hard when it comes to my studies as I am not really a bright person. I'm slow, be it in relationships or studies or understanding a situation or figuring out what I need to do.

True to my Turtle nickname. 8)

Some people, my sister, for instance, she is smarter than I am, and her results are better than mine although she studies less. Whereas I spent my days studying and burying myself in worksheets and textbooks before exams (I love studying anyway), she stays online and plays her games. And still gets better results than I do.

Which is why I have always told my friends. "Dude(s). You're smart. You just haven't work hard enough." 

3. I talk to myself a lot.

Some late nights when I can't fall asleep no matter how I toss and turn and count turtles, I would resort to talking to myself.

In two voices.

I would tell 'my other self' about my day, my problems, and it helps, just a little. Foreveralone much? xD

Like many other people I'd make up scenarios in my head and then feel happy about those made-up stuff and then drop back to a low point when I realize that I have been living in my head again. 

Sometimes those scenarios would still lead to me talking to myself again. No harm done though, I guess.

4. I am paranoid, obsessive and over-attached

Do I look like this type of person? DO I??? Well I AM this type of person. I think a LOT, especially on bad stuff.

I see some other girl getting attention from mai personal XY-chromosome human, I see her as an enemy. I obsess. I stalk his Facebook when I can't see him. I read all his posts since the beginning of his Facebook account, add him to my close friends list so that I can monitor his activities on Facebook everyday, I download his pictures and in short stalk my own boyfriend happily and would have the intention to hurt le girl that tries to take him away from me. He's mine. MINE. 8) BODY AND SOUL.

So how's that for getting to know Tatoru Yuki? Changed your opinion of her much? 8) I hope I didn't scare you off, my people. But actually you guys are all mine too. 8) <3

5. Bewbs + Booty = Bewty = Beauty

Nope, no pictures for this. 8) I have far more interest in boobs and booties compared to any normal girls. Such beauty, can't help loving. Bless te creation that is boobs and booties. My best-est friends and I would touch each others' just because we can, but no, we are not lesbian. Such is le attitude and style of the girls who graduated from girl schools. 

I appreciate butts and boobs so much at some point of my life I wondered if I was really lesbian or what. But since I have my dude and I love him more than any boobs or booties, I assume that I am totally straight. ... He has a nice butt as well though. 8) Man booties are appreciated also. 8) 

6. i don't know can we end this?

It turns out that my life is really so ordinary that I have nothing much to say about it. D: 

here, take this link to make up for it. http://dogeminer.se/#

For doge fans and also those who likes simulation games. 8)

adios, I'm off to make some other drawings!!!

Update: I left this game running and bought from le store every once in a while from 4pm and finally got all the upgrades by 1a.m. 7 hours of pure doge. #nolife

Nicki Sim

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