SPM taken in 2012.
Official transcript obtained 2 years afters.
Today I went back to my secondary school to get the official SPM transcript which I knew nothing about until maybe one month ago. 

But then I figured that they can't just throw something this important away so I only went there today, 'armed' with a book I've read halfway through, a bottle of water, some cash, earphones and a phone.

I reached this place around 9.30a.m. and left around 1.30p.m. , with the official transcript in hand and the book done reading.

Meanwhile, I have been wondering about the job I should take on while the project I'm doing is on hold.

So far, I have narrowed down le jobs to these three: Tuition teacher, cashier or whatever at le book store, or ... ... Well guess I have only two jobs I want for now xD Oh. But it would be interesting to be working in places dealing with book publications as well.

But for now, I have applied for tutoring jobs in which I had experiences from before.

I wrote a resume for the first time in my life today. 8) An achievement and a new experience. I like the feeling of working for a fixed time each day, it gives me something to look forward to, which at this point can either be to work or to go back home.

I'm not sure yet if my parents would allow but I really would like to work in a library or a bookstore, where I can arrange books and assist people in finding the books they want. My patience has limits sometimes when it comes to teaching and what's more, I am going to need to study again if I want to teach le kids. All I still have in my mind are some biology and mathematics stuff. 

I guide more than I teach. It's easier for them to ask me questions and have me answer them than let me stand in front of a bunch of students and tell them about subject-verb agreement. English is not easy to teach, on the other hand.

*crosses fingers hoping I can cope when I get whatever job that lands in my lap first*

On the other hand, friends have bee suggesting that I go work at Starbucks so that they can get complementary free coffee. Being a barista would probably be interesting as an experience in my life but it might not help me much. 

I won't mind the free coffee, however. 8)

Nicki Sim

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