Le Fun type of Busy

Okay, so it's just the 10th of February and I have skipped blogging for two days.

In my defense I really think that posting without content is pretty much useless, and with no ideas about what to blog about, I decided to just skip blogging yesterday.

Not a good sign.

I can now make simple drawings pretty fast,
in about 8 minutes or so,
compared to le 20 minutes or longer
back then.
But then, the thing is, I have been a little busy with one of my little projects, and I want this project to turn out real well. Without realizing it, I have been sitting in front of the laptop just doing this project and Facebook-ing from time to time. 

I didn't even Google for flash games this time. No reading comics either.

Heck, I even got so immersed in my project that I didn't quite feel the absence of Cavan's texts. Only when my mum started scolding me for staying up late yet again did I notice the time and a dull headache from the long hours in front of the laptop and also how Cavan's been offline for 6 or 7 hours. 

I only gave him a short text then. Goodnight, sleep well. Such and such. 

Oh God, when was the last time I felt so happy doing a project? 

I am hoping for the best here, that everything will turn out right and that the project would be a success. I would post a link to that finished project when I'm done with it a few days later! =D 

Meanwhile, vous revoir, fellow readers! 

Nicki Sim

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