Let le Imaginations Run Wild - Afterlife

What do you guys imagine death to be like? Just dying, and then nothing? Or do you imagine that you would be floating around in space for an indefinite time, watching over those still living? Reincarnation maybe? 

I don't know, guys. But let's just say that I can control what my world is going to be like after my death, I would make sure that the way I live is not much different from what my current life is like. 

Make it feel as if I'm living on, you know. Maybe in the afterlife you still have to work to earn your promised happiness in heaven and that job is what you really wanted in your life - to sloth around and gain money, but you have to sloth really good or else you won't get your pay. Hmmm.

Either that, of I choose to become a ghost visible to many other people and pull pranks on them. Like maybe if you were trying to sleep and couldn't do so, I'll octopus-dance from one end of your room to another before squishing my face against your window saying, "Hey baby."

Being a ghost like this would probably be even scarier than having one that throws knives at your because its actions are hard to predict AHAHAHA

Plus it sounds fun.
But then again, if we can choose to reincarnate immediately as a pet of our loved ones, that sounds pretty awesome too.

Intrude their lives forever and ever until that life of ours ends as well. For starters, you still get to accompany le loved ones and be cared for right back, just that you don't get to talk to them or tell them how much you miss being able to join them in their daily lives. 

Okay so it's actually kind of sad. Plus after such reincarnation I guess we won't even remember how we loved them and turn out to become some kind of scumbag cat or dog. 

So up to date I have 3 possible choices of actions. IF I CAN DO WHAT I WANNA IN LE AFTERLIFE. But heck, what does a 19-year-old know about the best type of afterlife? xD

Nicki Sim

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