Let me Sleep D:

It's taking me longer and longer to fall asleep these days. Wrecked body clocks. Reckon I probably just didn't get myself tired enough to sleep before 2 or 3 a.m. 

Maybe it's got to do with how I only wake up by 12 or 1p.m. as well. o3o" 

I'll probably try wake up around 10a.m. for le next few days and see if that helps. 

The thing is, while I sleep only in le wee hours in le morning, my family is the type that sleeps pretty early. Around 11pm or 12a.m.. Le parents would then urge me to just go sleep as well, saying how sleeping late is bad for my health.

Yeah, I think I'll just try sleep early tonight la hor. It's all pretty much a matter of whether or not I can get myself to fall asleep really.

What do you guys do when you guys can't sleep? Just roll around in le bed hoping that by some miracle or another you'll start falling asleep? 

Me here, I won't fall asleep for maybe one hour or more after I get into bed, usually. So what better than plugging in le earphones, listen to nice soothing musics or songs, with a good book in hand?

Bedtime stories. 8)

The thing is, you can't quite READ yourself to sleep, or can you? Well, I can't anyway. After reading to le extent where I start to yawn and rub my eyes, I'd put the book down, switch off the lights, and try to sleep once more.

That takes maybe yet another 45 minutes or more. 

So, for those who needs time to fall asleep as well, what do you guys do to finally get into le dreamland? SHARE LE TIPS, GUYS. 

Nicki Sim

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